What’s going on Good People. 🙂 The cool thing about being exposed to different genres of music for me is that I pay more attention the arrangement, the musicians. Vocals catch my ear from time to time but I love discovering how instruments are used and instruments I’ve never known. This is not my regular type of music but I love it.

This playlist is classic rock and a couple of tracks from 2010. From Boston to Fleetwood Mac, this array of music is best to listen to this with headphones or noise reduction or noise canceling earbuds. The richness of the instruments and arrangements are amazing.
I have three tracks from rock tunes from the 2010 soundtrack “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”. I have to get this soundtrack, the blu-ray movie, the Funko Pop figures. I love this movie for many reasons but of course what sticks out to me is the music. Two tracks from Sex Bob-Omb and the electronic tune from Brian LeBarton.

Toto, “Georgy Porgy” is a favorite of mine. You have some of Best of the BEST session musician on the planet. (You are missed Jeff Porcaro). The icing on the cake was the beautiful vocals of Cheryl Lynn. “Africa” is a tune where again the vocals (getting help from Eagles bassist and vocalist Timothy B. Schmidt) and the arrangement sticks out to me. David Paich and Bobby Kimbell has that perfect blend of subtle and directness and the bassline work by David Hungate.

Foreigner’s “Cold As Ice” I remember watching this music video on SNL in the 70s . The vocal harmony is too cool. The tune “Urgent” was one of the 80s tune where it still kept that ol Foreigner spark from their earlier work. The saxophone work by the late Junior Walker kicked it into overdrive.

Another group that blew my mind growing up in the 70s was ELO. A group that combined rock and strings was so awesome. Jeff Lynn to me was a genius and playing this 45 on the stereo over and over drove my mother crazy.

Areosmith’s “Rocks” to me is the best album they ever recorded. This album introduced me to the six-string bass and on the track “Sick As a Dog” Steven Tyler played bass on part of the song. This entire album was raw from beginning to end.

The Police for me was one of those rare groups that when they split they went out on a high note. Their last album “Synchronicity” was top notch. Three great musicians: Sting, Stewart Copeland, Andy Summers were the perfect storm. The key person that always stood out to me was Stewart Copeland…his drum style is amazing; especially when it comes to the high-hat. “Message in a Bottle” shows off his gift.

Fleetwood Mac for me is a group the best of all worlds: great vocalists (Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie), stellar bassist (John McVie) and drummer (Mick Fleetwood), and Lyndsey Buckingham…when it comes to the guitar and his harmony vocals leaves this brother speechless. His unique fingerpicking style gave that “pop” to their compositions. “Gypsy” is that track for me is all I can say is “damn, the dude is bad.” On “Dreams” you can hear the vocal talents of Stevie, Christine, and Lindsey.

Boston was a combination of great talent of one man (Tom Scholz) but also when Sib Hashian, Barry Goudreau, Fran Sheehan and of course Brad Delp was a force to be reckond with and their debut “Boston” album is one of the Greatest of all time. “More Than a Feeling” was all Tom, Brad, and Sib but “Foreplay/Long Time” has some great guitar work by Barry and organ, synthizer work by Tom.

MyLoveForMusic002 [Classic Rock]
[ To Stream Playlist>> ]
We Are Sex Bob-Omb – Sex Bob-Omb

Summertime – Sex Bob-Omb
More Than a Feeling – Boston
Sick As a Dog – Aerosmith
Georgy Porgy – Toto (feat. Cheryl Lynn)
Threshold (8bit) – Brian LeBarton
Cold As Ice – Foreigner
Turn to Stone – ELO (Electric Light Orchestra)
Get the Lead Out – Areosmith
King of Pain – The Police
Gypsy – Fleetwood Mac
Urgent – Foreigner
Africa – Toto
Message in the Bottle – The Police
Mr. Blue Sky – ELO
Dreams – Fleetwood Mac
Foreplay/Long Time – Boston

id drops: Mr. Fresh, tgrundy, 2Serenity, Brian Meeks,

underscore music under me voice: Todd Kelley & Nicolay



What You Doing This Sunday?

Something Old…MLFM May 2017 – Healing Hands music podcast. 🌛

Something New…MyLoveFor: Danny Wilson + Special EFX music podcast. 🌞

Both found on my Mixcloud Music site. You have over 2 hours of great/chillaxing music. No excuse NOT to unwind this Sunday.

Enjoy the tunes and don’t keep it to yourself. 🙂

Breaking Away From The Garden Wall

Image from blogpost written about forthcoming photo sharing app Glass

The more I turn my thoughts to my blogsite the more I’m loving social networking. This is an interesting post in regards to a new photo sharing site that’s coming down the pike. Me and my Brother in Podcasting have had countless conversation in regards to this issue. 🌞

I know Facebook and Instagram is not going away but spending time on these platforms isn’t fun. I know what the two should be used for, a sharing tool only. I’m not going anywhere but my interactions on these platforms will come to a crawl because let’s face it, Facebook/Instagram is a place for “Influencers” and the algorithm for advertisers. Hey, it is what it is. The saying is true when it comes to free social site…when it’s free, YOU are the product.

I’m blessed to be an early adopter to social media because you can recall how it was, where it has gone, what made it fun and fulfilling and what hurt it and one has choices, no one is forcing to use FB or IG, that’s my decision but one has to stop whining about what’s not working. After a while it’s up to the individual to make the change.

As I’m writing this I was going to post this to Facebook but I caught myself. Why post this on a site where the algorithm is going to determine where to place this on the timeline (especially if it’s not in favor of the product). When you have done a certain action for so long you tend to go back to that habit. You have to force yourself to break that habit…some days will be better that others but the more you put in the afford to change the easier it will become.

As time goes on my footprint on Facebook and Instagram will become smaller and smaller and these places will be used to do what they have grown to be…to advance my cause and not the other way around.

And knowing that is a beautiful feeling within my soul.

Happy Friday Good People. Have a Blessed/Safe/Fun day. 🌞🌛✨

At What Age Is Accountability When You’re White?

A White Woman was recorded yelling from her car racist rants towards a woman, the woman’s mother, and her children while walking through a neighborhood. The White Woman in the car felt they didn’t “belong” in the neighborhood so she took it upon herself to advise them “you’re not welcome”.

I truly believe the “accountability” age for White Americans falls between “40 years of age thru 49 years of age”.

  • Age 10-12: They’re just a child
  • Age 13-19: They’re just a teenager
  • Age 20-29: They’re not fully adults
  • Age 30-39: They’re still finding their way through this world
  • Age 50-Death: They’re just set in their ways.

What compelled a grown woman to stop her vehicle, blare her car horn for about 10 seconds and begin to yell out the window hurling hurtful/racist words just because she felt the individuals “looked as if they couldn’t afford to live in the community”…and on top of that yell words that one of the children looks as if he has a learning disability?

Did I mention she works with children with special needs?

As the comedian TK Kirkland always ask, “Who Raised You?”

It’s sad to say but y’all really can’t help yourselves. That much hatred is beyond measure.

Thoughts At 4am

El Paso County Medical Examiner’s Office staff members help move bodies in bags labeled “Covid” from refrigerated trailers on Nov. 23.Ivan Pierre Aguirre / Reuters file

“… With Covid-19 surging across the state, Texas has requested five mortuary trailers from the federal government in anticipation of an influx of dead bodies”

Gotta hand it to Texas. You have a way of preventing deaths due to Covid-19 but you don’t, you bad mouth the US government and yet requesting help from FEMA in anticipation of Covid-19 deaths.

I wonder how Governor Abbott (and Governor DeSantis from my state, Florida) sleep at night, but I already know the answer….like babies.

The question still arises for me is how grown people that should have common sense choose not to use common sense. You see the statistics and yet the people of Texas is choosing death. You can’t see you have a Governor that is thinking only of himself and his family?

The saying is true…some people grow older and wiser and there are others that just grow older.

MyLoveFor: Danny Wilson + Special EFX

I love creating music podcasts. Funny how you start down one road and you think you have a “finished” project, take a walk or car ride, the creative juices start flowing and before you know, you’re scrapping the entire project and you travel down another and it comes out different and better.

What started off as spotlight on Danny Wilson ends up showcasing another set of musicians that I loved over the years…Special EFX. I discovered this duo when working as a stocker at Ann Taylor (if you feel you’ve heard about Ann Taylor and music, it was the same place I discovered how awesome Danny Wilson’s album Meet Danny was back in the day.)

To be honest I kinda ran into a roadblock in regards to the direction I wanted to continue MLFM. Every time I think I have come to the end of this podcast the Holy Spirit opens up a door in regards to refresh my music podcasts. I guess when you have a love and passion to share great music and leave yourself open for change, a new way comes along to hit the “refresh button”.

So here we are. Another edition of MyLoveForMusic coming at you. Enjoy the tunes.


[Click this link to stream from my Mixcloud site]

01. Davy – Danny Wilson

02. Body Beat – Special EFX

03. Mr. Chow – Acoustic Alchemy

04. Reunion – Gary Burton

05. Can We Try Again – The Braxton Brothers

06. Aberdeen – Danny Wilson

07. Seduction – Special EFX

08. Clockwork – Alex de Grassi

09. Love Is Stronger Than Pride – Sade

10. Welcoming – Michael Manring

11. Fool Me Once – Lindsey Webster

12. What A Shame About Me – Steely Dan

13. Mysterious Island – Artie Traum

14. Sunset – Special EFX

15. Mary’s Prayer – Danny Wilson

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id drops by TGrundy, Doug Ramsay, 2Serenity, Macedonia

Underscore Music by Todd Kelley and Nicolay


**Music from albums**

Meet Danny Wilson

Body Language

Red Dust and Spanish Lace


Now & Forever


Stronger Than Pride

You Changed

Two Against Nature

Acoustic Jazz Guitar

My Thoughts on “Meet Danny Wilson”

I’m glad I grew up in a time of vinyl, cassettes, 8-track cartridges. This made me admire the album covers, reading of the liner notes. I learned about musicians, producers, engineers, the people who mastered the recording. It forced you to listen to the entire recording. 

Back in the 80s (oh my God I sound old) a lot of musical groups from the UK and abroad were known as “One Hit Wonders”…that was not the case for me. Groups like Prefab Sprout, Go West, Level 42 and this trip, Danny Wilson was one of my favorite. 

“Meet Danny Wilson” was an album I played over and over. I was first introduced to them by a young lady when I worked at Ann Taylor as a stocker. What stuck out to me was she said, “…They have that Steely Dan feel to them.” She brought the cassette for me to borrow and when I heard the track “Davy” I was hooked. I brought the cassette back, made a trip to Camelot Music and bought the album and my journey began with these gentlemen. 

Gary Clark (lead vocalist), Kit Clark (guitarist), Ged Grimes (bassist) were the primary musicians and that’s an understatement. They all played multiple instruments and on “Meet Danny Wilson” album is a burst of arrangements that made me pay attention to each track. For me any group that can have a tuba within one of their tracks is okay with me. 

I wish I could say certain tracks stand out to me on this album but I can’t. That’s because I love them all and I mean that with all my heart. 

From the harmonica peppered within “Davy”, the trumpet on the “Aberdeen” track, the tuba on “Ruby’s Golden Wedding”, I couldn’t get enough of this album when I first bought in the late 80s and I can’t get enough of the album 2021. 

“Mary’s Prayer” is the track that put the lads from Dundee, Scotland on the map here in the states. Gary Clark said it took him about a year to write this tune due to the arrangement wasn’t falling into place. Please watch the interview (link is below) in regards to the making of this beautiful composition. For me the bassline laid down by Ged Grimes and the piano work by Gary Clark stands out to me. Finding out the meaning of the tunes hits home and I can relate.

This is a story about not being mature for a relationship with the “girl of your dreams”, having a low self-esteem and smothering the person due to your insecurities causing the breakup, relaxing your screwups and wishing her the best with her life is all to familiar with us all one time or another in our lives. 

I have spoken of Paddy McAloon (Prefab Sprout) as a great songwriter…I rank Gary Clark in that group. “Broken China”, “Nothing Ever Goes To Plan”(with that Bossa Nova vibe to it with a sweet tad of rhythm guitar and sax solo is so cool), “Steamtrains To the Milky Way” are smart, slick lyrics where I have it on repeat.

“Spencer-Tracy” is an instrumental track close to a minute and half with a strong and electric and acoustic guitar blaring only to soften and bleed into “You Remain An Angel”. I love this track, it has a little hint of Burt Bacharach. The brass section and an accordion arrangement…who does that?  (except acoustic guitarist Peter White). 

“Ruby’s Golden Wedding” is a track build mainly on the brass section[Lester Bowie‘s Brass Fantasy,  the Timpani and the accordion…yep, that instrument again.] 

“Five Friendly Aliens” has that Steely Dan feel. The vocal arrangement stands out to me. It’s raw, the saxophone is nicely placed and the hint of vibes being played makes this track pop. I believe it would bring a smile to Donald Fagen and the late Walter Becker face. 

“I Won’t Be Here When You Get Home” for me is an old man spreading wisdom to others and in the midst of doing this he realizes he needs to seek his own happiness. This composition is also driven heavy by the horn section. 

For me every track holds it’s own. Here it is 2021 and I have had this album on repeat. I can say I was a blessed man to grow up in this music era. As I write my thoughts about this trio I can say this is in my top 10 of albums where I can listen to from beginning to end. Great arrangements, intelligent lyrics, “Meet Danny Wilson” is an album I’m glad I wasn’t “asleep at wheel” when it was released. 

Check out these links on YouTube

Danny Wilson “Alberdeen” (live audio version) 

Danny Wilson “Mary’s Prayer” (live version)

The story behind “Mary’s Prayer”

Core Band Members on “Meet Danny Wilson”

Gary Clark – vocals, guitar, piano, keyboards, harmonica, programming, etc.

Kit Clark – vocals, guitar, percussion, keyboards, accordion, harmonica, etc.

Ged Grimes – bass guitar, double bass, keyboards, backing vocals, etc.

Additional Musicians on “Meet Danny Wilson”

Allan McGlone

David Palmer – drums

Geoff Dugmore – drums

Nils Tuxen – pedal steel guitar

Roddy Lorimer – trumpet


Lester Bowie’s Brass Fantasy

“Meet Danny Wilson” [released 1987]

Track Listings

1. “Davy” (3:27)

2. “Aberdeen” (2:23)

3. “Mary’s Prayer” (3:52)

4. “Lorraine Parade” (3:40)

5. “Nothing Ever Goes to Plan” (3:46)

6. “Broken China” (4:25)

7. “Steamtrains to the Milky Way” (4:27)

8. “Spencer-Tracey” (1:27)

9. “You Remain an Angel” (4:53)

10. “Ruby’s Golden Wedding” (3:10)

11. “A Girl I Used to Know” (3:52)

12. “Five Friendly Aliens” (4:38)

13. “I Won’t Be Here When You Get Home” (4:02)

My first Blogpost (One Post At A Time)

I haven’t blogged in a while. I have no direction in regards to where this post will go, all I know I gotta start again. I spend too much time on Facebook and I feel my posts are not seen due to the algorithm. This is nothing new for me but I keep telling myself “I need to start posting more on my blog site” but never sat down and post.

I know I have power when writing on my site when it comes placing links with the body of my writing, placing photos within the body of my work and yet I gravitate to Facebook when it comes to posting. I have always said the platform is not the “enemy”…it is a tool to help spread your work and yet I keep falling back in the habit of posting on the “Wall Garden”.

When posting on my blog site it’s a beautiful feeling; you have tools to change your font, you have a blank canvas to work on your masterpiece. You have so much flexibility. For the past year I have been posting from my iPhone. I start in Notes or Colored Notes (I love this app) and then I copy and past within either WordPress or Blogger (according what the subject I’m tackling). I think of these text editors as my “First Draft” and then when moving it to the blogging tools this will become my “Final Draft”. Now that I have a laptop again this is going to feel warm to my soul…to have a physical keyboard again, to use a mouse or keyboard shortcut function, I’m smiling from ear-to-ear.

At this moment this piece is being written on my iPhone 6s Plus and I will move this from my phone to Gmail, from Gmail to Notepad (these steps I get a chance to look it over, add, remove text) and the final step will be from Notepad to WordPress and even there I will look it over and if I need to add links or format words via italics or bold…again the tools at my disposal is wonderful.

I hope to make it habit to blog. I love expressing myself via music podcast, photography, and words. So what do need to do to keep this going…

  1. I need to read more: I have saved a ga-zillion articles and hardly ever get around to reading them. Why? I suffer from FOMO syndrome. It’s not issue, it’s a choice. The key for me is to not have distractions around me…to write my posts on a text editor, writing within Facebook makes me want to scroll.
  2. Instill within me that Facebook is a TOOL: I need to say to myself, “Use Facebook, don’t allow it to use ME. I know this but I need to practice this method. Since I don’t have thousands of friends and I don’t have a popular page so when it comes to my algorithm it’s going to be poor. So it’s best to have readers away to read my posts and that way no distractions for the reader. The reader will focus on my post alone.
  3. I need to get out of the “comment/like” game: Yep, I admit I fall into that mess and that’s no one fault but MINE. Maybe the reason why I don’t have more people check out my work is because God knows my ego and I need to own it…I need to stop this nonsense.

This post has been fun and I’ve missed that feeling when writing.

Thank You Mr. Bennett/True Wisdom

Tony Bennett

I’m trying to stay away from posting memes on my IG TL but I had to share this… earlier today on The Movie Channel an Amy Winehouse documentary was airing and the scene between Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse.

Both were singing takes and Amy wasn’t happy with how it was going. It was touching, heartfelt and genuine. She said she didn’t want to waste Mr. Bennett’s time but he was so patient and kind to her before I knew it tears was streaming down my face (it was in front of my Queen and that rarely happens).

Mr. Bennett let her know her takes were getting better and better and the last take was epic. He would also say Amy Winehouse had a “Jazz Voice”.

When Amy passed away Mr. Bennett said something that will always stay with me and my Queen:

“Life teaches you to ‘Live It’ if you live long enough.”

This is true on so many levels. I love wisdom, I love sharing wisdom.

My Thoughts on “The Camera Never Lies”

Michael Franks 1987 album “The Camera Never Lies”

While “Passionfruit” is my favorite album “The Camera Never Lies” is my fun album from Michael Franks.

This was the first time I seen a music video from Mr. Franks, the tune “Island Life” was featured on VH1 (remember that channel that used to show music videos?) Although I love this album I have to admit I lean more towards the tunes on “side two” than “side one”. Not to say side one is weak…not by a long shot. “The Camera Never Lies” is one of my favorites. With the help on vocals by Art Garfunkel makes me boo in my seat and nod my noggin’. The guitar work on the track brings a smile to my face. 🌞🙂

“Face to Face” is a love song that makes me think of first meeting the love of my life making me realize love is worth waiting the right one. ♥️

“Lip Service” is one of fun and yet truth telling songs where Michael is telling the lady “words do matter” and choose your words wisely and words can be vicious.

When listening to “When I Think Of Us” is a tune where the relationship has run its course. It started off strong but lost steam very quickly. Time has past and both wish the best for each other.

Now side two of the album pops for me in so many ways.

“Island Life” is that Michael Franks anthem of, “Time to get outta Dodge…get to that chillaxin’ destination NOW.” and if you have that special someone in your life, have them join you on this escape.

Patti Austin vocals are all through this delightful album but on the track “Now You’re In My Dreams” this beautiful duet with Michael makes me beam with so many emotions. 😍

“Doctor Sax” and “Innuendo” round out side two of the album. One puts me on a ride with Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde music wise. A mechanic by day and a gifted saxophonist at night. The lines,

“And at six he rolls
Down his sleeves
Turns his collar up
When the boss man leaves
Close up the shop
Puts away his tools
Gives the last car keys
To the gas pump fools
Then he’s home at last
No more goodwrench scene
And he scrubs his hands
Till they’re surgeon clean
Takes a long hot shower
Some cologne and then
The change is complete
He’s himself again”

Classic Michael. 😜

“Innuendo” is an alluring composition about when everything falls in place with the one you love it leaves you in that perfect place when in love. Here he teams with Earl Klugh and Mr. Klugh’s acoustic guitar work is a warm, cozy touch. Some didn’t think this was his best work but for me, who cares, for me Michael Franks music is my goto sounds when I’m feeling blue.

Thank You Sir. 👍🏾🌞👍🏾

Side One

  1. “Face to Face” 4:26
  2. “I Surrender” 4:01
  3. “The Camera Never Lies” 3:37
  4. “Lip Service” 4:13
  5. “When I Think of Us” 4:18

Side Two

  1. “Island Life” (Franks, Rob Mounsey) 4:17
  2. “Now You’re in My Dreams” (Franks, Clifford Carter) 4:11
  3. “Doctor Sax” 5:48
  4. “Innuendo” 5:55

Michael Franks – banjo, guitar, mandolin, vocals
Randy Brecker – trumpet
Lew Soloff – trumpet
Bill Evans – tenor saxophone
Lawrence Feldman – alto saxophone
Michael Brecker – EWI, tenor saxophone
Rob Mounsey – flute, keyboard bass, keyboards, background vocals
Clifford Carter – piano, synthesizer
Richard Tee – piano
Michal Urbaniak – violin
Hiram Bullock – guitar
Cornell Dupree – guitar
Steve Khan – guitar
Earl Klugh – guitar
Jeff Mironov – guitar
Georg Wadenius – guitar
Mark Egan – bass
Neil Jason – bass
Will Lee – bass, background vocals
Marcus Miller – bass
Robin Gould – drums
Steve Jordan – drums
Chris Parker – cymbals, drums
Dave Weckl – drums
Ralph MacDonald – congas, percussion
Roger Squitero – caxixi, shekere
Patti Austin – vocals, background vocals
Kacey Cisyk – background vocals
Art Garfunkel – background vocals
Lani Groves – background vocals

Thank You Dr. King

I’m happy Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday is now behind us because if I see one more post by racist posting this gladiator’s quotes… 🤢🤢

Thank You to a man who gave the ULTIMATE sacrifice when it came showing the world how we are HATED just because our strength, our talents, our intelligence, our beauty, our love, our creativity.

Thank You Dr. King…White America hates you but the “People Who Happened to be White” loves you and knows what you stood for…you were DA Man. 🌞💜🌞♥️🌞💚🌞💙🌞💜 #DrMartinLutherKingJr #CivilRights #ThankYou