What’s going on Good People. 🙂 The cool thing about being exposed to different genres of music for me is that I pay more attention the arrangement, the musicians. Vocals catch my ear from time to time but I love discovering how instruments are used and instruments I’ve never known. This is not my regular type of music but I love it.

This playlist is classic rock and a couple of tracks from 2010. From Boston to Fleetwood Mac, this array of music is best to listen to this with headphones or noise reduction or noise canceling earbuds. The richness of the instruments and arrangements are amazing.
I have three tracks from rock tunes from the 2010 soundtrack “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”. I have to get this soundtrack, the blu-ray movie, the Funko Pop figures. I love this movie for many reasons but of course what sticks out to me is the music. Two tracks from Sex Bob-Omb and the electronic tune from Brian LeBarton.

Toto, “Georgy Porgy” is a favorite of mine. You have some of Best of the BEST session musician on the planet. (You are missed Jeff Porcaro). The icing on the cake was the beautiful vocals of Cheryl Lynn. “Africa” is a tune where again the vocals (getting help from Eagles bassist and vocalist Timothy B. Schmidt) and the arrangement sticks out to me. David Paich and Bobby Kimbell has that perfect blend of subtle and directness and the bassline work by David Hungate.

Foreigner’s “Cold As Ice” I remember watching this music video on SNL in the 70s . The vocal harmony is too cool. The tune “Urgent” was one of the 80s tune where it still kept that ol Foreigner spark from their earlier work. The saxophone work by the late Junior Walker kicked it into overdrive.

Another group that blew my mind growing up in the 70s was ELO. A group that combined rock and strings was so awesome. Jeff Lynn to me was a genius and playing this 45 on the stereo over and over drove my mother crazy.

Areosmith’s “Rocks” to me is the best album they ever recorded. This album introduced me to the six-string bass and on the track “Sick As a Dog” Steven Tyler played bass on part of the song. This entire album was raw from beginning to end.

The Police for me was one of those rare groups that when they split they went out on a high note. Their last album “Synchronicity” was top notch. Three great musicians: Sting, Stewart Copeland, Andy Summers were the perfect storm. The key person that always stood out to me was Stewart Copeland…his drum style is amazing; especially when it comes to the high-hat. “Message in a Bottle” shows off his gift.

Fleetwood Mac for me is a group the best of all worlds: great vocalists (Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie), stellar bassist (John McVie) and drummer (Mick Fleetwood), and Lyndsey Buckingham…when it comes to the guitar and his harmony vocals leaves this brother speechless. His unique fingerpicking style gave that “pop” to their compositions. “Gypsy” is that track for me is all I can say is “damn, the dude is bad.” On “Dreams” you can hear the vocal talents of Stevie, Christine, and Lindsey.

Boston was a combination of great talent of one man (Tom Scholz) but also when Sib Hashian, Barry Goudreau, Fran Sheehan and of course Brad Delp was a force to be reckond with and their debut “Boston” album is one of the Greatest of all time. “More Than a Feeling” was all Tom, Brad, and Sib but “Foreplay/Long Time” has some great guitar work by Barry and organ, synthizer work by Tom.

MyLoveForMusic002 [Classic Rock]
[ To Stream Playlist>> ]
We Are Sex Bob-Omb – Sex Bob-Omb

Summertime – Sex Bob-Omb
More Than a Feeling – Boston
Sick As a Dog – Aerosmith
Georgy Porgy – Toto (feat. Cheryl Lynn)
Threshold (8bit) – Brian LeBarton
Cold As Ice – Foreigner
Turn to Stone – ELO (Electric Light Orchestra)
Get the Lead Out – Areosmith
King of Pain – The Police
Gypsy – Fleetwood Mac
Urgent – Foreigner
Africa – Toto
Message in the Bottle – The Police
Mr. Blue Sky – ELO
Dreams – Fleetwood Mac
Foreplay/Long Time – Boston

id drops: Mr. Fresh, tgrundy, 2Serenity, Brian Meeks,

underscore music under me voice: Todd Kelley & Nicolay




I Don’t Like Emma Gonzalez

I Don’t Like Emma Gonzalez.

Yep I said it,

I don’t like her. Not do I care for Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi, Keane Rose, Makayla Gilliam-Price, and Genard “Shadow” Barr.

The reason why is simple…

Every time I want to take a break from politics, not voice my opinion in regards to what’s been going on for the past two years, just throw my hands up and say the hell with all of this something jolts me back into writing and having my voice heard to what’s has come of our country. I read Ms. Gonzalez Op-ed piece and it made me realize I can’t stop spreading the word on how important it is to vote this November (11/06/2018 to be exact). We gotta keep fighting for change in America in regards to common sense laws for Gun Control, holding abusive police accountable for brutality, racism, global change and other rights for ALL…not just for the privilege.

Let’s be clear, trump is not the cause of this ugliness in America, it has always been here but this Sociopath has turned the rock over and many in the United States feel it’s their God given right to be hateful and ugly towards one another in the open with no repercussions, no accountability for their actions.

The past two years voicing my opinion I know I lost people via Facebook, Instagram because I felt I was non-stop my dislike for trump (‘dislike’ is an understatement for sure) and for those who are still my online friends…thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I know it was hard but I can’t stand how people can cheer and ‘egg on’ a person that sews division, hatred in people and this poison will have an effect for decades to come. To this day I can’t see how White Working Class Americans can relate to a person who didn’t earn his fortune, who constantly lies with a straight face, who has been sued countless times for not paying for work on his properties, who sides with ruthless dictators on a daily basis.

The young people I mentioned above keep looking to adults for guidance, to make our world a better place and time and time we continue to fail them. So we can’t get upset with the today’s young people when they’re holding us old folks (I’m 53 years old so the them I’m a Ol’ Head) when they’re acting like adults with today’s issues.

Down the line their views may change some but for now we need to listen to them, learn from them. It’s a shame that many children, teenagers are missing out on their childhood because it’s being snatched away from them because of police brutality, mass shootings, constant spread of racism and hate.

Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi, Keane Rose, Makayla Gilliam-Price, and Genard “Shadow” Barr, and Emma Gonzalez…keep doing what you’re doing. You have some of us Ol’ Heads still standing up for what’s right.

Thank You all for fighting the Good Fight.

-Read Ms. Gonzalez Op-ed Piece-

A Young Activist’s Advice: Vote, Shave Your Head and Cry Whenever You Need To” by Emma Gonzalez >>

A long read but a MUST read

Trump Engaged in Suspect Tax Schemes as He Reaped Riches From His Father” >>

‪I Want A Stylish Walking Cane

Last week I had the scare of my life. September 20th – September 24 I had the worst pain ever in regards to the fact I barely could walk due to pain in my right knee. This has never happened to me before and deep down I know the reason why…‬

‪I’ve been a lazy ass bum, plain and simple. I don’t exercise, my diet is crap and this was the end result. I can chalk it up to other factors (getting older) but the bottom line, this is all on me. ‬

‪I still have a small limp but through exercise, a proper diet, getting proper sleep I should be better. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Including you know WHO and his henchmen and henchwomen. ‬

‪Besides I want to lose weight so I can buy several walking cane and dress like John Watson. 😜

I No Longer Call Myself a Christian

I just read a post by John Pavlovitz (the link to his article is at the end of this post) and I have to agree with him accept for one part of this piece when he writes,

“…And I know you don’t realize it, but you’re digging your own grave in these days; the grave of your very faith tradition.”

White Evangelist Christians have known for decades how racist their congregation and views towards People of Color have been but they’ve hid behind “Dog Whistle” tactics. This time they’re allowing their feelings to be shown front and center due to the current administration.

What has been troubling to me is how many of their members can speak out against abortion, homosexuality, the “attack on Christians” abroad and here in the U.S. but have never spoke out about racism, police brutality towards People of Color, the cruelty towards the homeless. Sure some will touch on it by quoting scriptures in regards to God created every in “His own image” and move on quickly to the next subject.

I’ve never heard one of these well-known pastors partake in a 3-4 part (Sunday Sermons for a straight month) series on Racism and they never will because you will see a mad Exodus from their Church and join another church where the subject will not be touched.

This is one of the main reasons non-believers view Christianity as a joke and hypocritical.

I have and will continue to be a “Follower of Christ” but going I’ve stopped calling myself a “Christian” because it has no meaning.

We have always had two types of Christians: Political Christians and Christians of Prosperity.

The Political Christian agenda is getting their way no matter the cost. From Focus on the Family to Ralph Reed to other organizations, the current POTUS antics and character doesn’t matter. As one pastor said last year, he (trump) gets a “Mulligan”. Sad how this support was absent from President Obama.

The Prosperity Christians are just as bad. Constant sermons on God’s “riches and glory” and yet absent from their work are police brutality, racism, homelessness. Sometimes (in their eyes) it’s the individual’s fault for their situation because of their lack of “faith”.

I have always believed in Tithes and Offerings because I have seen how Christ Jesus have brought me through me many situations. I give to God because of my love for Him and not for what these mega-pastors “preach”.

This year I have plowed into God’s Word now more than ever because I know He is real and when I have been obedient many blessings have come my way. But this time around I have to renew my relationship with Him in a more, profound way. Watching the behavior of this batch of Christians makes me ill to the core of my soul.

I do believe my Lord and Savior allowed this individual and his group of “friends” in the White House to show Americans and the world how the fear and hatred is so deep when it comes to People of Color.

Now it’s up to Americans this November and 2020 to show up and prove this will not be tolerated. Many were asleep in 2016. It’s time to become “Proactive” instead of “Reactive”. We will soon see, America.

White Evangelicals, This is Why People Are Through With You by John Pavlovitz

Stepping Back – Time Away From Social Media – Post Sabbatical (Third & Final Draft)

(***Warning: Long Read***)

Good Evening Good People,

I enjoy writing/blogging but even sometimes you hit a wall. I wrote two previous draft but it just didn’t feel right and one thing I have learned over time and my Brother in Podcasting ( Doug ) reminded me is when a subject hits you you’ll know when it’s time to write. For me when I know the words comes flowing out me and this is one of those times.

Last month I took a break from Facebook and Instagram because I felt I was spending too much time on the platforms (and I was). I came to realize that instead of allowing the platforms to work for me I was working for them and for FREE. What do I mean for “free”?

The more you’re on those sites the more the company (I can say “company” because Mark Zuckerberg owns FB and IG) the more data is being collected on you the more advertising can be pushed your way and the way their algorithm set up it stirs to more “like-minded” people within the “gated community” (as I like to call FB and IG). I’m not going to go into details, my thoughts are in previous posts on my site. Two things hit me like a ton of bricks hit me when returning which made walking away from my main IG site much easier.

-House Your Own Content-

If you have been online the years I have you have seen social media sites come and go. From the top of my head I can think of Vox, Plurk, Friendster, MySpace, (I know it’s still around but are still using the site? Just as I thought.)

**To be fair to MySpace I believe some musicians still use the site to share content with fellow musicians**

I have said this time and time again to create your own space (i.e. blog or website) because that space is yours and use FB and IG to promote yourself because you never know when they will one day be no more.

Just like the current social site…in this case it’s Path.

As of Monday, September 17, Path announced it will be no more which makes me sad because once again your choices of social platforms are limited. Sure I know there’s others that have been created around the world but here in the U.S. the top dogs are Facebook, Instagram, and for now Snapchat.

The old saying “the handwriting was on the wall” was true for Path, users had constantly been dropping for a couple of years, even when the company was sold to Daum Kakao back in 2015 the usage still shrunk.

I for one will miss Path (thoughts on Path later in a nother post…let me keep this moving)

Now users who have used the site for years now have to scramble to find another place not to mention some content will be lost forever. People are now scrambling to download their photos because Path is closing its doors.

-People Say Want To Stay In Contact But…-

I wondered if I was missed for that month when I wasn’t posting and I knew deep down it wouldn’t make a difference if I posted or not. While away only a handful of people reached out to me via Twitter to check on me (and for that jesture “Thank You. 🙂 ) but that was it.

Back in the day when you mentioned this person was your friend your parent would say, “They’re not your ‘Friend'”. As a child I thought this was harsh to tell a child but as you become older you realize it’s true. Many of the followers on our sites are online associates…that is all. Don’t get me wrong, I have made some friends online. I’ve had some online friends just as long as my marriage but most are associates and those are few. Ya thank I’m lyin’ case in point…

Late last week I posted this message on my IG site advising people after September 17 I’m shutting it down. I posted my site links and if people wanted to keep in contact to hit me up via DM so we can share our phone numbers to keep in contact via WhatsApp or Signal. You know how many responses I received or if people shared their email or number?


I’m also on Path and I posted the same message because Path soon will be no more and I received ONE person that shared their email and phone number. Which lead to this on point share observation from my fellow Path friend, Tila

In a nutshell, many people online want to stay in touch but at a distance. If people want to be in your life they will make a way and from that reaction from IG I’m glad I’m shutting that site down.

In the end I’m making the right choice for me when it comes to IG. Maybe I’m looking at FB and IG in the wrong light, maybe those platforms are our modern “phonebook“. Think about it, we have more info at our fingertips when it comes to individuals. Maybe all this times I’ve been viewing this wrong. As I said in previous posts, they’re not “evil”, it’s how we view and use the sites.

Now I have to tackle my Facebook account. Wish me well.

Have a Bless day everyone.

Info on Path Final Days

Path Closing Down

Path Sells Its Social Networking App To Daum Kakao

If I had a Younger Sister, It Would Be Rhea

“…their tongue is brown, from so much crap they (men that cheat) talk.”

– Rhea Ellen

I’ve been watching Rhea Ellen‘s YouTube videos and snippets on Twitter and each time I have to stop what I’m doing in my tracks and just LISTEN.

She’s humorous and entertaining but more importantly she speaks truth.

I’m watching her latest “rant” and it’s on men cheating. What I’m taking away from this is that she’s on point when it comes how as men we have to be upfront if we want to move on with another woman. The points she’s hitting on I did this crap in my late twenties/early thirties.

Another thing I dig about her latest rant is the wisdom she shares to any woman who’s been cheated on in regards to always still look your best, love yourself, most times it’s on person that violated the trust that’s the blame and not themselves. It’s gonna hurt, you’re going to go through that phase where you don’t want to be around anyone and that all men are “trash” (to hear Rhea say it with that UK accent is so cool) but you will move into a better, stronger place in your life and sometimes you have to spend that time with YOURSELF in order to learn and move forward.

This young lady from the UK (she’s only 25) has so much wisdom it blows my mind. What’s cool is that she shares the “Good, the Bad, the Ugly” in regards to situations she’s been through and let’s the viewer know that hey, “it is what it is but that’s life”. For me that’s refreshing.

She’s animated but for me that’s another reason why I enjoy her videos. Some many not like her style but it’s HER style when it comes to sharing a point, a view.

I’ve always been a believer in learning from ANYONE whether their younger older. I’m in my 50s but when you keep your mind open and not afraid of being challenged you stay healthier mentally and physically.

If this were my younger sister I would stop and hang on her words because of not only what she knows now but to me she hasn’t even reached her peak. Her words are a double edge sword…it cuts but heals. You don’t want to hear it but in the end you need to hear them. If she’s this sharp (wise) now imagine when she hits 35, 45.

I prayer for this gifted UK Sister is that she’s successful beyond measure and yet stay grounded because I truly believe it’s going to happen for Rhea.

Keep doing your thing, keep learning, keep sharing, keep striving, keep moving forward. You’re a true talent. You have it all.

(Except singing… please stop singing) 😛

I kid, I kid. 😀

Most of her videos are humorous but on point; this one is a little more serious but in this day and age where women (especially Black women all over the world) who are being challenged in high measures in this day and age please check out her video below.

Rhea Ellen YouTube VideoI Hate Cheaters

Random Thought at 4:20 in the Morning

I’ve worked in many call centers, corporate settings and one thing has always puzzled me…how can a person walk right past you and don’t make eye contact or don’t speak? I have always wanted to know the answer to this question?

I have been and always will be an observer…people watcher. I’ve tried doing this from time to time and it takes more out of you not to acknowledge a person’s presence. I can see if one was alone on the street or in a parking lot walking alone; you’re trying to be careful and cautious…I get that; but to walk right past the person in the hallway and not make eye contact or say, “Hello” or “Hi“…I don’t get that behavior at all.

I can understand some people are in “deep thought” but when see certain individuals every day and the same behavior is displayed time and time again? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I don’t get it.

Thoughts? Please leave your comment.

Okay, I’m going back to bed now. 🙂

This Sabbatical Keeps Getting Better and Better

Watching the recent TWiT episode solidifies my choice to take a break from Facebook and Instagram. Leo Laporte hit the nail on the head when he said, “…they all (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter) make me angry and I think it will make me happier.” I feel the same.

The past two years I have been angry with the state of our country has been going and not appreciating what I have in the “now”. This Sabbatical has made me realize I really don’t need to be on social media that much. I’m reading more, my attention span when it comes to enjoying colleagues and my spouse is better. It’s a beautiful way to live.

I enjoy Twitter because it’s informative and I find great articles to read, to reflect on and gives me ideas when it comes to blogging/writing.

I posted a snippet of the ending of the TWiT episode where Leo and his guest talk about when posting content to use their own platform…their website among other insights in regards to scaling back social media usage. I will post link below.

To watch the entire This Week in Tech click the link below.

TWiT 681 – That Grips My Muffin [ Guest: Guests: Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ, Iain Thomson, Patrick Norton]