What’s going on Good People. 🙂 The cool thing about being exposed to different genres of music for me is that I pay more attention the arrangement, the musicians. Vocals catch my ear from time to time but I love discovering how instruments are used and instruments I’ve never known. This is not my regular type of music but I love it.

This playlist is classic rock and a couple of tracks from 2010. From Boston to Fleetwood Mac, this array of music is best to listen to this with headphones or noise reduction or noise canceling earbuds. The richness of the instruments and arrangements are amazing.
I have three tracks from rock tunes from the 2010 soundtrack “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”. I have to get this soundtrack, the blu-ray movie, the Funko Pop figures. I love this movie for many reasons but of course what sticks out to me is the music. Two tracks from Sex Bob-Omb and the electronic tune from Brian LeBarton.

Toto, “Georgy Porgy” is a favorite of mine. You have some of Best of the BEST session musician on the planet. (You are missed Jeff Porcaro). The icing on the cake was the beautiful vocals of Cheryl Lynn. “Africa” is a tune where again the vocals (getting help from Eagles bassist and vocalist Timothy B. Schmidt) and the arrangement sticks out to me. David Paich and Bobby Kimbell has that perfect blend of subtle and directness and the bassline work by David Hungate.

Foreigner’s “Cold As Ice” I remember watching this music video on SNL in the 70s . The vocal harmony is too cool. The tune “Urgent” was one of the 80s tune where it still kept that ol Foreigner spark from their earlier work. The saxophone work by the late Junior Walker kicked it into overdrive.

Another group that blew my mind growing up in the 70s was ELO. A group that combined rock and strings was so awesome. Jeff Lynn to me was a genius and playing this 45 on the stereo over and over drove my mother crazy.

Areosmith’s “Rocks” to me is the best album they ever recorded. This album introduced me to the six-string bass and on the track “Sick As a Dog” Steven Tyler played bass on part of the song. This entire album was raw from beginning to end.

The Police for me was one of those rare groups that when they split they went out on a high note. Their last album “Synchronicity” was top notch. Three great musicians: Sting, Stewart Copeland, Andy Summers were the perfect storm. The key person that always stood out to me was Stewart Copeland…his drum style is amazing; especially when it comes to the high-hat. “Message in a Bottle” shows off his gift.

Fleetwood Mac for me is a group the best of all worlds: great vocalists (Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie), stellar bassist (John McVie) and drummer (Mick Fleetwood), and Lyndsey Buckingham…when it comes to the guitar and his harmony vocals leaves this brother speechless. His unique fingerpicking style gave that “pop” to their compositions. “Gypsy” is that track for me is all I can say is “damn, the dude is bad.” On “Dreams” you can hear the vocal talents of Stevie, Christine, and Lindsey.

Boston was a combination of great talent of one man (Tom Scholz) but also when Sib Hashian, Barry Goudreau, Fran Sheehan and of course Brad Delp was a force to be reckond with and their debut “Boston” album is one of the Greatest of all time. “More Than a Feeling” was all Tom, Brad, and Sib but “Foreplay/Long Time” has some great guitar work by Barry and organ, synthizer work by Tom.

MyLoveForMusic002 [Classic Rock]
[ To Stream Playlist>> ]
We Are Sex Bob-Omb – Sex Bob-Omb

Summertime – Sex Bob-Omb
More Than a Feeling – Boston
Sick As a Dog – Aerosmith
Georgy Porgy – Toto (feat. Cheryl Lynn)
Threshold (8bit) – Brian LeBarton
Cold As Ice – Foreigner
Turn to Stone – ELO (Electric Light Orchestra)
Get the Lead Out – Areosmith
King of Pain – The Police
Gypsy – Fleetwood Mac
Urgent – Foreigner
Africa – Toto
Message in the Bottle – The Police
Mr. Blue Sky – ELO
Dreams – Fleetwood Mac
Foreplay/Long Time – Boston

id drops: Mr. Fresh, tgrundy, 2Serenity, Brian Meeks,

underscore music under me voice: Todd Kelley & Nicolay




Stepping Back – Time Away From Social Media -Day 13

Good Afternoon Good People, I hope your day is going well. This will be a post of self reflection and fussin’ at you when it comes to using Google (hey I gave you fair warning so if you want to stop reading here’s your chance) 😉

-Instant Gratification High Horse-

First I’m going to reflect on myself because you can’t throw shade at others if you’re not right within… let’s do this Good People.

I have an issue when it comes to creating content and this is on me, wanting people to read my work or listen to my music playlist or comment on my photography in a nanosecond.

Well not that quick but you get my drift. I need to come to realize events don’t run on “Darren’s Time“. Compound that with allowing myself to be swept up in the social media frenzy and this brings the anxiety up to the 10th power. (again, I’m talking about myself but if you fall in this category I’m not judging *snicker*)

Since taking this sabbatical I realize that…

1. You have to ask yourself first and foremost or you doing this to help others or for recognition?

2. Is your heart in the right place when sharing your content?

3. It takes time to build an audience.

4. Find your niche.

5. Success doesn’t come overnight…we wish it did but it doesn’t most time.

6. Make sure you’re.sharing QUALITY over QUANTITY content.

7. Stay true to yourself.

I kinda hit that wall yesterday after posting my blogposts. I thought (and still do) believe what I shared was important but when I didn’t get the responses I’d hope for I got all up in my feelings but he’s what I need to realize (again this is self reflection and not calling anyone out 😉 )

*People are working.

*Some people your work and will not leave a comment or put a “like” on your work.

*Some people are on overload with online info.

*Your work just don’t appeal to some people…get over it.

I also realized that you have self promote yourself and when online this where those platforms come into play and believe or not hashtags are important. For years I thought they were silly but then it hit me, how people going to find you with keywords if you don’t use the tools around effectively. This why I continue to say FB, IG, Twitter is not “evil” if used in the right manner. Now, enough self reflection…now I’m coming after you social users…

-Now My Beef with Tech Users-

My Geek Brother from another Mother Doug shared the recent article, “Google tracks your movements, like it or not, AP investigation finds” and I watched a snippet segment on NBC Today show by Jeff Rossen about how when you think your location settings are turned off you’re still being tracked. I’m sure people are going to be “outraged” my question is why? If you haven’t realized it by now we (the users) are the product. You think Google provides their products for free out of the kindness of their hearts? Free is never “Free”. This is why I can’t get upset with FB or IG. Iive always known the more you’re on certain platforms the more data I’m sharing and if I don’t want to be tracked I don’t use it as much. If nothing else sinks in, take this tidbit of information in regards to Google and their mission

Please take the time to read the article. I’m not saying NOT to hold companies accountable for their actions but pick and choose your battles. I’m not tripping of Google using my location from time to time and I’m not gonna lie, Google Maps is the da sh*t when it comes to finding places. Along with Waze those are great tools to have when it comes to navigation. I get upset because we as Americans are so spoiled in this day and age, especially when it comes to technology. We as users need to spend less time whining more time learning about the apps we use, the gadgets we owned and when and when not to share your information. We complain about the internet but when compared to China and how their internet is censored you wouldn’t complain. I’m thankful for our freedom when it comes the web.

Well I’m done fussin’ for today. Y’all have a Blessed, Safe, and Wonderful day. 🙂

Stepping Back – Time Away From Social Media -Day 12

“A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” Proverbs 11:25

Good Morning/Happy Monday Good People. Today’s post is a lengthy one but I feel like sharing more. I feel good today.

I feel refreshed because…

1. I’m off work for the next 3 days.

2. I can get some projects done around our home.

3. I have more time to photograph and possibly write on my blog.

The last one really brings me joy. I haven’t felt this way about blogging in years and I’m not exaggerating. I enjoy sharing ideas, cool articles, music that brings a smile to my face. To have my own space and send it out there to the world is a satisfying feeling. Sharing it on Facebook is okay but in this day and time it feels as if it gets lost in the shuffle.

I haven’t committed this much time to writing in years. I know after the sabbatical I may not write EVERY day but the seed has been planted where it’s a joy to express myself in this manner and I’m not going to let get away again. And again, you know when you do something 21 consecutive days it becomes a habit and by all means I’m loving this habit. I sit and have relaxing music in the background and I’m off to the races.

The proverb at the beginning of this post says it all for me. It’s delightful when I can share wisdom with others because in the end I want people to enjoy life, spend their time more productive, and become successful.

-Purging My “Tweeter Tree”-

I have a deeper meaning when you have someone to keep you accountable when taking on certain task. You have someone to bounce ideas off on, and makes you sit back, think and self reflect. My Brother in Podcasting is doing that for me. Last night conversing about how taking time away from Facebook and Instagram he through this question at me…

“how is Twitter useful to u, it’s it giving back to u at all?”

I told him I had to think about that question. As always Doug shared his answer and it hit the nail on the head.

“Twitter is resources packed -‘it allows me to learn new things in my various areas of interest so easily”

After sleeping on that question I can say I agree and I will add this…

It’s a place where I don’t feel overcome with nonsense. Of course that’s on the individual in regards to what info you allow in your space but it feels more manageable. You can do the same with the other platforms but it still feels overwhelming at times. Twitter you can create “List” and for me it makes you get right to the point.

I joke how Twitter makes you become a great editor but in a way it does. (Especially when you were only allowed 140 characters). Try it yourself… write out your thought, no matter what the length, copy and paste it into Twitter and it makes you cut to the “meat” of your thought. I’ve done this for years. In my opinion it sharpens your writing skills.

Another thing I performed last night was trimmed down the people I follow. I don’t have a large following at all (I’m under 400) and I was following close to 500. I went through and stop following individuals that wasn’t helping my cause. I love music, photography, tech, productivity ideas, creativity. Gone from my thread are politics (I have a whole post to write about this subject after my sabbatical 😉 ). If anyone knows me I love politics but the past couple of years I let it consume me and I know I’ve lost follows for my views…but again another time.

By me pruning my “Twitter Tree” it keeps me focus and on point when it comes to subjects that matter the most to me and having that control is a great feeling.

I’ve done the same with IG but after this break from IG and FB I feel I will be using those platforms often. I’ve already put a plan in place when I visit my pages. For me when on Twitter I don’t worry about endless scroll. I see what I need to see and move on. I retweet some things but it’s not out of control as it was for me when using IG. I would spend over an hour coming across memes and saving them and reposting them. Looking back now that so much of a waste of time. It became a point I had more memes on IG than actual photos.

Oh well, like my Brother said, that’s in the post and we’re keepin’ it movin’ forward and I’m loving this feeling.

Well that’s it for me for now. I hope your weekend was relaxing and fulfilling.

Have a Blessed, Safe, and Stress-Free day. 🙂

***As Always***

You know me by now I can’t leave without a cool article to read and hopefully brings you insight if you’re on sabbatical journey too. Some people who use Twitter are going to the extreme of not following anyone one to be more selective and have less noise on the Twitter feed and I get that. “Why Everyone Is Following Less on Twitter (and Regaining Their Sanity)” by Damon Brown. I’ve since checked some of the individual’s Twitter pages and they’re following people again but it’s smaller.

Stepping Back – Time Away From Social Media -Day 11

Good Morning/Happy Sunday Good People,

I’m learning to write for myself again. It’s cool to have an “audience”, everyone who is human wants to be notice for their work but I’m learning that when you constantly do things to get attention you lose a little of yourself along the way. I aloud this to happen to me while using these platforms…looking for that instant gratification. This sabbatical in a way for me is like solitude…learning to love me (faults and all), learning that some people will be there for you through thick and thin and others will not. That’s just life.

For me it brings me joy and happiness sharing insightful information. Whether it’s tech, relaxing music, cool articles…just being uplifting to someone because I didn’t have that growing up. I know what’s it’s like feeling you’re alone and know one cares. I’m learning that many days you have to be your own “Motivation Guru“. But here’s what I’ve always known…what you put out is what comes back to you. Being nice attracts kindness. Having high standards (not in a conceited way) draws good people with those same standards in your life. It’s cool having people in your life that holds you accountable for your actions, digs you for being YOU and encourages you for your tiny successes but in the end you must stay true to yourself.

Oh well, I didn’t win the Powerball which means I have to go into work today. Oh well…maybe one day. :-d

Have a Blessed, Safe, and Wonderful Sunday.

***Random Thoughts***

I don’t know anything about sushi but this article jumped out to me just because of the title. I was talking with my Brother in Podcasting Doug about how people are missing out on enjoying the “moment” by trying to capture that “perfect moment” via Instagram. >> Instagram Is Ruining Sushi in NYC

A great find by Doug when it comes to making gains in your life. I’ve come to realize in my own life I achieve great success when I have small victories. The winnings may not be noticed by others but I see and feel them every day. >> Small Wins, Marginal Gains: That’s How You Change Behavior in The Long Term

Last but not least, another gem in regards to finding your “Peak Hour(s)*” in regards to being productive. I’ve come to realize (and still learning this about myself) every day. For me this allows me not to paint myself in a corner and put unnecessary pressure when it comes to being creative. >> Don’t listen to those productivity gurus: why waking up at 6am won’t make you successful

Stepping Back – Time Away From Social Media -Day 10

Good Morning/Happy Saturday Good People. 🙂

I love blogging, I love expressing myself in whether if it’s words or photographs or sharing my music playlist [ ]with the masses, it’s just fun. Blogging also makes ME try and see all sides or see the a matter from beginning to end when it comes to the affairs of the heart. For me I have to look inward and see the reasons for my actions so I can honest with myself. It was a process because growing up an only child, having low self-esteem, stuttered as a child something awful (it still happens from time to time), being an Introvert was rough to put it mildly sometimes made have a “Why Me?” attitude but as time went on I came to realize some situations I brought on myself because I was acting like a butt-hole.

Hence the reason why I’m glad I’m taking time away from Facebook and Instagram. Over time I allowed these platforms to make me judge people or situations in “Snapshots” or “Polaroid Moments”..not taking the time to find out the full story. What made me take stock in this moment was a snippet of a video of a man caught a foul ball at a Chicago Cubs game. A Cub’s player tossed a ball to a child but he dropped the ball and a grown man (what seemed) to show him taking the ball from the child and giving the baseball to his friend (I don’t know if she was his wife or girlfriend) but that small clip made him look like a butt-hole. This clip was footage was shown on Twitter and Facebook on a loop. I jumped on the bangwagon and retweet the footage and have a few choice words for the individuals. Clearly I jumped the gun because the following day it turns out the gentleman earlier throughout the game when a player tossed a game ball towards their way he gave the child a couple of baseballs but I never seen that footage and in essence I was the “butt-hole”. That is when I knew this was one main reason I needed to step back from these platforms. That quick moment I allowed my scope to be shaped by a “snapshot”. I take full accountability for that error in judgement.

Since my Sabbatical the same situation arose again but this time I did the right thing and sought out the whole truth. I viewed a tweet (a snippet) of an interview of Kanye West with Jimny Kimmel and my first thought was, “I want to see the full interview”.

Below I have the link of the tweet and the full full interview. Watch the in order and then come to your own conclusion. The main point is in this “Snippet/Snapshot/Polaroid” kind of world we need to begin taking the time and get back to viewing all angles. Sometimes a snapshot can tell us a lot but MAKE time to try and find out the beginning/the middle/and the end.

Have a Blessed, Safe, and Wonderful Saturday. 😀

The “Snapshot” of the Interview

Jimmy Kimmel’s Full Interview with Kanye West

Stepping Back – Time Away From Social Media -Day 9

Good Morning/Happy Friday Good People,

Today will be a short post in regards to my Sabbatical. It’s been going pretty good. I haven’t been on FB or IG but I have slipped a little in regards to Twitter. But to be honest, I’m pretty good when it comes to Twitter usage, it was the other two I have abused beyond mentioning.

Once again my Brother in Sabbatical (Doug) shared to informative articles that hit home for this geek, especially enjoying the stillness, I took a relaxing stroll this Monday [check out my post from earlier this week “Stepping Back – Time Away From Social Media -Day 5/Day 6“]. Making myself slow down and enjoy my surroundings was a joy to my soul. I have the links below and I will read them later again today…so much information to absorb.

I’m proud of myself. I actually shut my phone OFF. After chatting with a couple of friends I shut my phone down at 11:24pm and didn’t turn it back on until 8:35 this morning. I turned it on to listen to Pandora. Commercial radio is not for me anymore. I decided a couple of years ago to stop complaining about “Today’s Music” because it’s not for me ears and I’m cool with that.

Getting back to one of the articles it mentioned most people spend 4 hours a day on our phone and I can believe it because I know I was one of those users. I can’t talk about no one when comes to phone usage because I may have used my phone more than 4 hours.

Hey, I said this post would be short so I’m stopping right here.

Hope you get a chance to read the articles and take them to heart in regards to phone and social media usage.

Have a Blessed, Safe, and Stress-Free day. Later Peeps. 🙂

***Articles To Read***

Why productivity isn’t the only thing your smartphone is stealing from you

The power of doing nothing at all

Stepping Back – Time Away From Social Media -Day 8

What’s going on everyone? Happy Thursday (today is my Monday work week wise). 😦

Eight days off of FB and IG and must admit the effect is spilling over in my offline life and it’s in a good way. It’s having me to slow down and not stress at work. Maybe it’s my first day back to work but I have the “what I do I will and what’s out of my control oh well” attitude and it’s a relaxing feeling.

I’m finding myself reading a little more…taking my time and letting words resonate and sink in where before I would constant skim words and paragraphs which in the end would hurt me and not fully comprehend the article.

A great article shared by Doug has interesting tips in regards to one’s phone usage [ The Real Cost of Phone Addition ]

That’s it from today. If something else pops in my head I will share in my next post.

I’m enjoying this journey in regards to not scrolling through my phone hours a day.

Have a Blessed, Safe, and Wonderful day.


I’ve had this book in my library for years and never taking the time to read. Shame on me but hey, it’s never to late. 😉

Stepping Back – Time Away From Social Media -Day 7

Day 7 of not scrolling or launching Facebook and Instagram and I must say it’s a cool feeling. It’s cool for me because I’m less stressed, wondering if anyone has checked out my posts. Yep, I will admit, I fell into that rat race of social media…letting it control my feelings instead of the other way around. In seven days I have come back to my senses in regards to it’s a place to promote myself. I was about to check in with friends but if I want to really check on my peeps online I can ask for their phone number so I can check on them. I’m not saying these platforms can’t be used for that manner but for me I know this is not a good tool for me to use in that matter. I haven’t reached that point where I can get in and get out.

Another cool thing on this journey is having a person holding you accountable, to bounce ideas off of and pick up subjects to write about and I owe that to Doug. Something he said sums it up for me with this new discovery of blogging again…

Blogging is like inviting people to your theater!!!

With having your own space to write (for me) it’s like being in seclusion. I write at my own pace, not feeling rushed. Sure you want people to check out your work but you have so much control. Where to place links, what subject you wish to put in bold or italic, where to posts photos. It may seem trivial to some but for me it’s a wonderful feeling. I’m not blaming Facebook or Instagram for not being able to do this because as a friend taught me decades ago that can applied to any part of your life…

Their House/Their Rules”

This means where if you’re visiting friends or working for a company when you’re on their property you have to abide by their rules. FB and IG are platforms for spreading your ideas, your thoughts, your work but they are restrictions when it comes to creativity and that is where you have to think outside the box. Create in your own space and use these platforms to spread your work; whether it’s your writing, photography, crafts, music…whatever. Be YOU while using their social outlet to show your style…your niche.

Another cool thing is the more you take this step the more liberating you will feel. I know I do.

That’s it for my “Sabbatical Thoughts” for today. Remember, they (Facebook and Instagram) are not evil. It’s there to use and not the other way around.

Have a Blessed, Safe, Productive/Stress-Free day Good People. 🙂

***Side Note***

When I’m writing I ALWAYS use a text edit/notepad to FIRST write and SAVE. I digs Apple’s “Notes” on the iPhone (I use my phone to write my blog posts). There are a couple other notepad apps that are cool. Upword is nice app to have on your phone. I dig it because I can change it to dark theme (easy on the eyes). There are some cool apps on the Android side. Remind me to write on that in the future.