​Numbers Don’t Lie

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Here it is Sunday Morning (at 5:16 in the morning to be exact) and I’m coming to the fact that Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President January 20, 2017.

Anyhow, what’s to come I’m not going to say “we don’t know” because he’s shown us this past 18 months what will come about and it’s pretty messed up. Sure I’ve heard people say, “We just have to wait and see” and “He said those hateful/disgusting things but he really didn’t mean them…he’s not racist”. What’s sickening is that not only people can say that but really believe this that in the end words really don’t matter.
Ask a child or woman that has been abused that if words don’t matter when hearing them for years upon years. I read a post stating Trump just “flirted with racism”…he didn’t even flirt with it; he danced, went home, and sexed it for over a year.

I’m not one for political correctness…I’m not. It’s always best to call it like it is. But when you do it in a way to belittle, demean, make a person feel less than human that’s when it’s an issue. We all know not all Whites (rather living in the suburbs, in the city, or in rural America) are racist…we know not all Mexicans are murders and rapists, all Blacks are not thugs, our Middle Eastern Brothers and Sisters are not terrorists, not all women are “catty” but when we do see it call that crap out and call for what it is we see people act this way.

One of my Facebook friends corrected me when speaking on the final results on the election when I blamed Gary Johnson was one of the reasons Hillary lost. He said to me,  “Who’s to say those votes would have went to Hillary?” 

And you know what? He was right. 

One thing I have tried to practice is when I’m wrong I’m wrong. Numbers don’t lie. This info is from another Facebook friend. Although I didn’t totally agree with some of his views but this was spot on…

“…This needs to be articulated. America was not taken back by racist white people. Trump did not win because of a “whitelash” as Van Jones put it, or by raising “racial anxiety” to “spike the white vote” according to Rachel Maddow.  At least not if you look at the numbers.  Trump won basically the same percent of the white vote (21% over Clinton) as Romney did in 2012 (20% over Obama).  In terms of overall votes, Trump actually earned over a million LESS votes than Romney did in 2012. This doesn’t add up to a bunch of white racists suddenly appearing and voting for Trump. As of now, Trump has 59.6 million total votes and Romney had 60.9 million.  Even Mccain had 59.9 back in 2008.
The fact is the Democratic turnout just wasn’t as high. As of now, Clinton has 59.8 million votes.  Obama had 65.9 million in 2012 and 69.4 million in 2008.
Trump won 6 states that previously voted for Obama two times (FL, OH, IA, WI, MI, PA). And in 4 of those states he won by small margin (150,000-200,000 votes).  Can you say those states are racist?”

Another thing that brings this home is an article, “Don’t Blame third parties for Clinton’s loss, blame Democrats who didn’t vote” by Dan Arel[ https://goo.gl/O8cqUX ]. This goes deeper and breaks the numbers down. 
The bottom line We (Democrats) lost and the Republicans won and what’s done is done. What we have to do now is make sure you know the House and Senate members that are in your state, follow them closely and when the mid-term elections roll around you voice your opinion in the voter’s Booth.

You don’t know who is who? To find who represents you in the House of Representative go here [ http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/ ]
For your Senator go here [ http://www.senate.gov/senators/contact/ ]

Other sites can help with this process in regards to your representatives on a local level. It’s out there…you just have to want it bad enough.  Many have Facebook and Twitter accounts and even Instagram account. Most of us have these apps so lets put them to work. 
When we “Booed” we see how that outcome came about in regards to this election so stop being angry and get to work in regards to changing the process.


This Hurts My Heart As a Black, Christian, and American

Wednesday night and early Thursday morning was tough on me in regards to Trump winning the election. I knew I didn’t like the outcome but I didn’t think it effected me that much until I was driving home. Although I was listening to NPR I was numb. We made it home and all I did was eat dinner and crashed early. I woke around 3am and logged onto Facebook and reading some post by some people saying that Trump “flirted” or made “some” racist remarks was an understatement. Either some didn’t understand or just don’t give a damn in what this man/child has unleashed.       

Now I’m not going to say the election was “ridged”, Hillary’s network (yep I voted for her) got outplayed a second time. Trump “secret voters” was Rural America. Many of us thought most Americans were disgusted with his racist, xenophobic, misogynistic rants but we were wrong. To many in Rural America the election must have seen to them it was the “End of Days” in their eyes. Plus Rural and Working-Class Americans felt they have been forgotten. (This has always troubled me, “Working-Class Americans”. People will never admit it but that phrase means “White America”). Many from other races are “Working-Class Americans” too.
But the main reason for Hillary’s loss was many Blacks and the Young Americans didn’t vote. Some of my peers felt it wouldn’t make a difference or they felt she as a White person only courted our support only election day. Heck some felt let down by Obama. When you hear this rhetoric from some Black entertainers that’s not a good thing. I remember the interview of Puff Daddy on Rev. Al Sharpton MSNBC show that “Obama short changed Black People” [ https://youtu.be/gN6ovxW9em4 %5D (Note to My People: President Obama was PRESIDENT not a DICTATOR. You had the House and Senate that set out from day one to make sure many of his laws would not pass). The young voters felt their voices was snuffed out when Bernie Sanders didn’t make the cut. They felt they were talked “at” instead of talked “to” in regards to their feelings and thoughts on this election.
 Maybe we as the older generation should have explained to them the era of Ronald Regan because that was not a great time for minorities and women. Many White Americans thought he was one of “Greatest Presidents of All Time”. I remember inner-city programs being cut, I remember many jobs lost to African-Americans under his presidency and many young voters were still too young to remember the hardship many felt under George W. Bush era. Maybe this may have helped some but for Blacks and other minorities who didn’t vote “just because” this falls on you. Numbers don’t lie. Google “Election Results” and view your state in regards to which counties voted Democratic and Republican. ( https://g.co/kgs/bBaZ8x )
I was feeling low and I will admit a little afraid as a African-American man. White Americans may feel this is outrageous but then again…you’re not Black. The individual that will be our 45th President as of January 20, 2017 believes in “Law and Order” which does not fair well for People of Color. I told my wife I wasn’t going to work…I was feeling that bad. I apologized to my Queen but as I walked out our bedroom some events made me changed my mind that also happened in the wee hours in the morning…
 1.    Me conversing with a dear friend (who I consider a little brother) was chatting via Facebook Messenger lifted my spirits. We talked about his ideas he’s working on, the outcome of the election and other events happening in the world.
2.    A great segment from Seth Myers was on point. His writing staff is amazing and the way he delivers lines is funny and yet makes you think. You can tell he was hurt too (especially when speaking of his mother believing this would be the year she would see a woman president). It was moving (please check it out. >> https://youtu.be/bEskg0Z-NAQ)
3.    I’ve been blessed with an amazing woman that has been by side for over 16 years so I sure in the hell wasn’t going to let her down.
4.    I had an online training to conduct with an new employee out of Atlanta…that wouldn’t be fair to her because I felt the election didn’t go my way.
5.    I believe this is the year and going forward a time for me to voice my opinion loud and proud and I wouldn’t have felt right not working and knowing I want to speak my mind via blogging and other social media outlets throughout the day. Yeah, that would have been ratchet.
I hopped in the shower and got revived and we headed to work and I’m glad I made it out my funk; but I will end with this…
 This hurts me as an African-American because once again we spoke more with our emotions than our actions:
It was NO excuse that the vote turn out from our people was low. The things we have gone through, especially these past years alone and this is not counting from centuries and decades past. From murder of Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown and so many others lives taken because of injustice. From the nine church members murdered LAST year in Charleston, South Carolina…Sandra Bland in Weller County, Texas is just sickening. Not to mention we still have a hard time in the workplace because of the color of our skin.
This hurts me as a Christian:
To know many of my Christian Brothers and Sisters put in office a man that has no respect for women…this is our wives, sisters, daughters and granddaughters, nieces. Knowing this man had now taught our sons and grandsons and other young males we know that it’s okay to abuse and assault women which is appalling.)  We speak out against homosexuality, abolition but gave a green light to adultery, slander, fornication, gossip, lying in regards to Trump. Sure many have said, “We’re all Sinners” but I see it only applies when it helps our “Christian” cause.  I see why many are Atheists and Agnostics.
 This hurts me as an American:
I know our country is hurting in regards to employment but you (White Americans) didn’t lose your jobs due to “immigrants” and unqualified Blacks. It was because of the greed of CEOs, stockholders found that it was better to move jobs overseas than to give you a decent salary to live and raise a family. No one hates wealthy people…we hate the fact you have funds to have houses all over the world and flaunt your way of living in our faces and the same time call us “lazy” because we’re not working harder. We’re upset that we get taxed much higher and bring home so little even though we may need to work two jobs or have two incomes and still not making it in OUR own country. To know that we have given the “go ahead” to discriminate and insult people that are not “blonde hair” and “blue eyes”. Knowing that now people of different cultures and races feel more afraid because America has elected a man that cares for no one but himself is so unsettling.
 Maybe it’s a blessing in the long run because when you’re screwed by a Republican President and Republican Congress you will have no one to blame but yourselves. But then again, as always, you will find a scapegoat…American always does.
Here’s to the years 2017 – 2020.

My Thoughts at 3 in the Morning

My lil’ Brother hit the nail on the head. After 15 months to have the election to end this way I can’t lie I’m disappointed. What’s worse is that some people didn’t vote because they believe this individual will not do as he says. Maybe I’m a dinosaur and from the old school but to think you can say hateful, polarizing things about people and at the end of an election and chalk it up as mere words and let’s come back as one is as Kramer would say, “Kooky Talk”.

Today while driving home from work I was silent because it’s one of these moments when all you can do is be in the moment. For me one of the telling factors is when Obama was holding a rally in North Carolina and a Trump supporter was holding up a Trump/Pence sign and people was making a ruckus. It took President Obama a couple of minutes to get people attention to make them realize this man has rights to voice his opinion and as he said, “Don’t ‘Boo’…Vote.

The main thing that stuck out to me was the fact this is what Trump banked on and he was right…many people’s problem (especially when it comes to my people…Black people)…we make a lot of noise but no action behind. I’ve been guilty of this myself. I’ve received crappy service at a store or restaurant, leave angry but didn’t follow up. I’ve gotten MUCH better with following up but the point is meaning times we make noise, voice our opinion but no follow through and in the end it’s just wasted energy.

One person said “the system is ridged…it’s no way he could have won.” I may not agree with the results but he won by doing something my group, the Democrats did not…reaching out to Rural America and galvanizing their vote. Some may not agree but most of his tactics were drummed up on fear/racial tactics, a lot of his tactics was making promises we know politicians can’t keep and it work. Google “Election Results” and pull up your state to see the map of how counties voted. 

With lower Black vote turn out, Democrats elite assuming people would not vote for an individual of this nature because of his hateful rhetoric this nation was asleep at the wheel and now this is the result. I lived through the Regan years and George W Bush years and they were not good. The new elected-president played it right…the nation’s attention span is so forgetful in such a short time.

Oh well, gotta keep it movin’ forward…what’s done is done. 
God help us all.