My Thoughts at 3 in the Morning

My lil’ Brother hit the nail on the head. After 15 months to have the election to end this way I can’t lie I’m disappointed. What’s worse is that some people didn’t vote because they believe this individual will not do as he says. Maybe I’m a dinosaur and from the old school but to think you can say hateful, polarizing things about people and at the end of an election and chalk it up as mere words and let’s come back as one is as Kramer would say, “Kooky Talk”.

Today while driving home from work I was silent because it’s one of these moments when all you can do is be in the moment. For me one of the telling factors is when Obama was holding a rally in North Carolina and a Trump supporter was holding up a Trump/Pence sign and people was making a ruckus. It took President Obama a couple of minutes to get people attention to make them realize this man has rights to voice his opinion and as he said, “Don’t ‘Boo’…Vote.

The main thing that stuck out to me was the fact this is what Trump banked on and he was right…many people’s problem (especially when it comes to my people…Black people)…we make a lot of noise but no action behind. I’ve been guilty of this myself. I’ve received crappy service at a store or restaurant, leave angry but didn’t follow up. I’ve gotten MUCH better with following up but the point is meaning times we make noise, voice our opinion but no follow through and in the end it’s just wasted energy.

One person said “the system is ridged…it’s no way he could have won.” I may not agree with the results but he won by doing something my group, the Democrats did not…reaching out to Rural America and galvanizing their vote. Some may not agree but most of his tactics were drummed up on fear/racial tactics, a lot of his tactics was making promises we know politicians can’t keep and it work. Google “Election Results” and pull up your state to see the map of how counties voted. 

With lower Black vote turn out, Democrats elite assuming people would not vote for an individual of this nature because of his hateful rhetoric this nation was asleep at the wheel and now this is the result. I lived through the Regan years and George W Bush years and they were not good. The new elected-president played it right…the nation’s attention span is so forgetful in such a short time.

Oh well, gotta keep it movin’ forward…what’s done is done. 
God help us all.


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