I truly believe people have different gifts they are blessed with to share with the world. I think mine is uplifting people, being real with people when sometimes it may come at a loss, sharing insight with people rather my own or from other individuals. Maybe I’m wired this way because I wished I would have had this in my life. I can’t trip off the past but I can pay forward. 

This past couple of years I have come to know the works on Ta-Nehisi Coates and all I can say is it’s refreshing to have a conscious/”Mother’s Wit” type of person in the world. What’s refreshing about this Brother is that he tries every day to not get caught up in his success. If he knows something he will share his view…if he doesn’t have the answer he will let you know and that is what makes this individual okay in my book. This has been a topsy-turvy year and it’s about to get more bumpy. Watching him, reading his material is making me get back to reading, writing, listening to share more wisdom with the masses because at time I may feel it’s not worth it in regards to sharing knowledge but you have to keep going because you can’t give up on people know matter how hopeless it may seem.
Enjoy the interview, Google Ta-Nehisi Coates, read his material. It’s not about me trying to sway your opinion, it’s about constantly having and keeping an open dialogue.


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