MLFM – Cupid’s Hunt 2017: One of the Masters of Love

This is a special podcast in so many ways. First, this is the 10th anniversary of Cupid’s Hunt. Second, this kinda full circle because my first full podcast was this artist, Michael Franks.

Anyone who follow my podcasts know Mr. Frank’s is one of my favorite artist. His music arrangements, his lyrics, his vocals for me explains and expresses love to a whole new level. I’m not going to rehash when I began listening to one of the original “Cool Breeze” cats but one thing I do know, if you want to learn how to write great love songs he is one of the gentleman to follow.

Shout to T. Grundy for reaching out to me 10 years ago to be one of the participates in CH. Thanx to “The Sensei”, EJ Flavors for giving me the bandwidth back in 2008 to post my very first full length podcast. Trek Robinson, Todd Kelley, Macedonia for giving me tips and tricks to become a better podcaster; Lisa Stanton aka Anewlis for helping me set my first hosting site. We have a close-knit community when it comes to music and I’ve met some new brothers and Sisters in Podcasters along the way.

It’s going to be a little over 90 minutes of music. For me the hardest thing was to narrow the playlist down to 90 minutes. Michael Franks for me (I’m being so bias right now) is one of the best songwriters/composers/arrangers today. It seems this gentleman knows how to get into the heart and soul of a person to make them feel like the only person that matters is the one you love. He makes being in love corny, sappy, fulfilling, erotic, fun, and beautiful.

So with that said, ladies and gents…Michael Franks.


MLFM – Cupid’s Hunt 2017: One of the Masters of Love

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Cupid’s Hunt 2017 Playlist – Michael Franks

  1. Coming to Life – from the “Dragonfly” album
  2. Island Life – from the “The Camera Never Lies” album
  3. On My Home to You – from the “One Bad Habit” album
  4. Under the Sun – from the “Rendezvous In Rio” album
  5. Eggplant – from the “The Art of Tea” album
  6. Every Time She Whispers – from the “Barefoot on the Beach” album
  7. Vincent’s Ear – from the “Blue Pacific” album
  8. The Lady Wants to Know – from the “Sleepy Gypsy” album
  9. Popsicle Toes – from the “Art of Tea album
  10. Never Satisfied – from the “Passion Fruit” album
  11. Soulmate – from the “Dragonfly Summer” album
  12. Now I Know Why (They Call It Falling) – from the “Skin Dive” album
  13. Never Say Die – from the “Passion Fruit” album
  14. Chez Nous – from the “Blue Pacific” album
  15. Sunday Morning Here with You – from the “Passion Fruit” album
  16. Your Secret’s Safe with Me – from the “Skin Dive” album
  17. Rendezvous in Rio – from the “Rendezvous in Rio” album
  18. When Sly Calls – from the “Passion Fruit” album
  19. How I Remember You – from the “Dragonfly Summer” album

Following tracks from the listed albums…

Dragonfly Summer

The Camera Never Lies

One Bad Habit

The Art of Tea

Barefoot on the Beach

Blue Pacific

Sleepy Gypsy

Passion Fruit

Skin Dive

Rendezvous in Rio

Michael Franks Official Website

Michael Franks (Wikipedia)

Michael Franks (Facebook)

id drops from Nikki, T.Grundy, Todd Kelley, Seed of Life, Anewlis, Brian Meeks, DJ Diva

Intro underscore music by Todd Kelley

Closing underscore music by Nicolay


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