Image Inspiration for Today (5/365)

Good evening Good People, Happy Saturday. Big shout-out to my Brother in Podcasting Doug for coming up with this concept of posting an inspiration image each day. This is getting me back in the habit of photographing and blogging.

This image I took yesterday while visiting the Kennedy Space Center in Merrit Island makes me smile in many ways especially because of one of childhood friend who was and still to this day one of the smartest individual around taught me a valuable lesson in regards to having the courage to up, especially when you know your shit.

Back in grade school we had a speaker visit our school to discuss space exploration and one subject was the the moon buggy. We were in our gymnasium when the gentleman asked how the astronauts were able to deliver the vehicle to the moon. My classmate Walter hand went up and answered it had to be folded. The entire gymnasium broke out in laughter except myself. At first I kinda felt embarrassed for Walter but looking at him he wasn’t embarrassed or moved by the laughter. Once the laughter died down the speaker advised Walter was correct. The laughter turned into amazement.

I have never forgot that memory because it taught me knowledge is power and when you know your stuff you will never be embarrassed.

Thank you Brother for teaching me that lesson.

Have a Great Evening Good People.


One thought on “Image Inspiration for Today (5/365)

  1. Mannnnn, great post, great lesson. Luv it. I’m definitely enjoying seeing this idea come to fruition daily. It has brought us both back to taking part in two things we’ve enjoyed for so long.

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