Social Media + Holidays = Superficial

Facebook and Instagram…set them ablaze

Yesterday was a breaking point for me…but in a good way.

Mother’s Day was Sunday, May 9, 2022. I shared my thoughts in regards to my Queen (which was a blessing); the words flowed out of me, I found beautiful images of my wife and posted them to IG and FB (which I deactivated Facebook a couple of months ago).

Then Wifey and myself took a drive to Clearwater (Florida) to celebrate her special day. The day was beautiful, the dinner was delightful, took photos of the restaurant, the food, captured images of for my Queen so she could post them…and all the while (for me) it felt so frivolous.

The day with my baby was magical but posting the activity felt superficial.

I kept asking myself, Why should I post it? Why share that private moment?

Then it hit me…there’s no need to share EVERYTHING. Just enjoy the moment…and I did just that and it was magical.

If you know me I will always love social media because I have met so many people. Although I haven’t met them in person but I have gained so much knowledge, from Doug when it comes to someone creating music, to Kenya and her love for lighthouses, to Ray and his love running. From photography, to podcasting (whadup Jason and EJ) to online friends from across the pond this medium is a Godsend for me.

But I have also allowed some terrible habits to creep in when it comes to platforms. From FOMO to TLDR (I just learned that phrase). And it has also made holidays for me feel trivial. To be honest I’ve felt this way about these days (that’s another blogpost) for decades and with social platforms it feels like a “chore” to share with everyone your activities for that day.

This may sound cynical to many but for me I feel a change has to be made by me because holidays are a day of spending money for no reason, rushing to places where it’s overcrowded just to post images to share with the world, “I was there, why weren’t you? (I know it’s overkill but you get my drift).

Doug and I were having a conversation via IM’ing and his Mom hit the “Nail on the Head” when she said to him,

“…Do you have to have your phone involved in everything you do, including sitting down to have a meal??

Very wise woman.

So, this morning, I deactivated my Facebook account (hey I shared my love in regards to my Queen so whoever was able to see the post, cool and whoever did not, tough) and I will uninstall Instagram and not use it through the week. For me those two I have allowed to kill my time (again, this is not the platforms fault, this is on me).

For me IG is a time waster because I get lost watching more videos ( I love cats) and copying memes to share than sharing photographs. And why is it we still can’t share links within a post!?! (Again, another blogpost).

For me at this time Twitter and Vero will be my GoTo platforms for the week. You can post images (no worry of losing the full size photo), you can post links, and I don’t get distracted with videos.

Just those two steps has brought a smile to my face and is making me fall in love with social media again because I’m learning what platforms truly work for me.

Happy Monday Good People. Take care.

3 thoughts on “Social Media + Holidays = Superficial

  1. Thanks for shouting out my lighthouses. I post them because I love them but I appreciate when folks notice.

    One thing the pandemic has done for me is cure me of FOMO. I don’t need to be everywhere doing everything. I don’t know how that will look after this is all over but as far as sharing on social media, I only share certain things anyway. As a result, I know I get lost in the algorithms. That’s fine though. Real-life is boring and I’m fine with that.

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