MLFM January 2018 Spotlight: David Bowie & Talking Heads

***My apologies for a couple of choppy audio with my voice overs. This will not happen again. 😦 ***

Happy New Year Good People,

I tried to record this early January 2018 but to be honest I was having a hard time getting a flow for this playlist. One of my Brothers in Podcasting, Todd Kelley, taught me over a decade ago you have to make sure you have a strong opening and closer when it comes to music podcasting so I went through several tunes to be the opening because for me when it comes to David Bowie this gentleman has many great tunes and to intertwine the Talking Heads was harder than I participated. I was going to scrap the podcast but what always helps me is when my body is in motion so I will go for a walk and the idea will flow. So what better song to start off the show is “Under Pressure”.

If you haven’t checked out “David Bowie: The Last Five Years” on HBO  I recommend it. Although he was sick he wanted to make sure he finished his music projects before he succumbed to cancer. I have to admit I don’t have music from his last two albums but I will make it my mission to buy his “The Next Day” and “Blackstar” albums and have them in future shows.

The music of the Talking Heads for me has always been quirky and yet ahead of its time. Their music and videos were creative and takes me down memory lane coming up in the 80s. Their music went down different roads and it was alright by me because my taste has always been eclectic. For me it was to groups in the 80s that quit at the height of popularity…The Police and Talking Heads.

I have a couple of tracks from two of my former Windham Hill artists, Michael Manring and Torcuato Mariano.

I hope you enjoy the tunes.

Have a Blessed/Safe/Productive day everyone.
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MLFM January 2018 Playlist

Under Pressure – Queen and David Bowie

Stay Up Late – Talking Heads

Ashes to Ashes – David Bowie

Love for Sale – Talking Heads

Wide Asleep – Michael Manring

Fashion – David Bowie

Girlfriend is Better – Talking Heads

Space Oddity – David Bowie

Burning Down the House – Talking Heads

Young Americans – David Bowie

Once in a Lifetime – Talking Heads

Golden Years – David Bowie

A Very Special Place – Torcuato Mariano

Take Me to the River – Talking Heads

Modern Love – David Bowie

Road to Nowhere – Talking Heads

Changes – David Bowie

Gangster of Love – Talking Heads

Wild Wild Life – Talking Heads

Fame – David Bowie

Blue Jean – David Bowie

China Girl – David Bowie

Music from the following Albums

Bowie The Singles: 1969 – 1993 (Double Album)

Talking Heads: Popular Favorites – Vaseline in the Sand (Double Album)

Sanctuary- 20 Years of Windham Hill (Double Album)

David Bowie interview with Mark Goodman (Youtube) taking him to task in regards showing more black artists on MTV 1983

Sites to check out:

Radio BSOTS show #168 BUCKWILD: No Place for the Quiet

Todd Kelley

Cupid’s Hunt 2018

id drops: tgrundy, macedonia, ej flavors, doug fresh, 2Serenity

background music (intro) Todd Kelley

backgound music (ending) Nicolay



Thank you 2016 – 2017 for Your Chaos

As of today I’m going to try my best not to post political views on my blog or on Facebook. It’s not gonna be easy and I’m not “burying my head in the sand” when it comes to important issues and topics. In the end it takes a toll on one’s psyche. 2016 – 2017 has been an heck of a ride from Trump and Congress to the killing of unarmed Black men and women to sexual harassment to Trump and Congress (yep, I made a full circle back to him) and I’m getting off this crazy train. It’s to a point where I hate turning on the tele because it’s so depressing. I know it’s been said but these past two years has been something way you just have to step back and say, “did THAT just happen!?!”

In the end “WE the People” have the power to make the change when it comes laws being written, how retailers, restaurants, corporations, treat us as consumers, the music we listen to and television and movies we watch. We complain but we don’t want to make that sacrifice. I’m going to try my best to make that change for myself, especially when it comes to social media. Two articles hit me like a ton of bricks, “Unplug: Baratunde Thurston Left The Internet For 25 Days, And You Should, Too” [ ]from 2013 and “Why I’m Taking a Social Media Sabbatical” [ ]. I’m learning to leave the gated community (Facebook and Instagram) and get back to my own content with blogging and photography with Flickr. Remember when you realized you didn’t need AOL to connect to the internet? How wonderful of a feeling that was? I’m feeling that euphoric again. Have you noticed the new tools Facebook is releasing to keep us there in their gated community?

I’m thankful for these tools but I have to begin treating them in this manner…tools, tools to help my cause and not Mark Zuckerberg’s cause.

I remember when The History Channel, The Learning Channel, The Discovery Channel, The Travel Channel , A&E had quality shows? Not only did they entertain but educated you. I can name countless shows that’s in the air now but good would that do? I’m not saying that always have to be educated 24/7 but you have to admit reality shows are not “Reality”. Trust me, television executives wouldn’t bring these shows to the air if it wasn’t a demand for them. The same with music.

How can the knowledge HipHop genre come to an end commercially and the HipHop music (commercially) of today grow to a billion dollar industry if it wasn’t being purchased by the masses. I’m blessed to know so many people that keep me abreast when it comes to great music out here and I thank Jesus Christ for them every day.

We all need from time to time to watch mindless entertainment, heck I watched two seasons of “Flava of Love” years ago. I know it’s a matter of choice.

I’m making a choice for myself. I’ve come to the conclusion to feel the same way I’ve come to feel about today’s R&B and Pop music… it’s not written for me. No need to complain and down the music or the performers. I feel about their music the same way my mom felt about Prince, Duran Duran, Culture Club (yep I dug their music and you did too… don’t front).

Here in Florida we have a powerful PBS channel, CreateTV, there’s public radio, podcasts, DVDs I can purchase from Amazon or my local thrift stores, garage and estate sales (you can find some gems ) and yes our local library and let’s not forget the beaches and cruises…yes the cruises.

This post is mostly for me than you because I need to remind myself of the blessings I have every day. A beautiful, smart wife, a beautiful state where I can drive to beaches and hear the ocean and photograph these images to share with the world.

Thank you 2016/2017 you’ve made me value my time again.

Less Human Interaction Your Way

Went to McDonald’s to buy breakfast for my Queen and I always go inside because

1. It’s less crowded.

2. It’s a less chance your order is screwed up and you can make sure your order is nice and hot (although we already know the majority of the food is microwaved).

I’ve seen the Kiosk machines…I don’t plan on every using them…or so I thought.

I walk up to the cashier and there’s a signed taped on the cash register, “CASH ONLY“. At first I’m thinking their credit/debit card is down but then it hit me and for me it’s even worse. They’re “training” (conditioning) customers to order from the Kiosk machines than ordering from the registers. Sure McDonald’s will spin it as if they’re giving customer power to “Do It Their Way” or this process speeds up ordering. To me I’m thankful I seen this because it’s another reason for me not to eat at McDonald’s. (I’ve been doing good too. I haven’t been to a McDonald’s for close to 3 weeks…yay).

I politely declined and went to Publix to buy some OJ for me and my Queen and in the process requested cash money back with my transaction. Went back and purchased our breakfast with cash.

Yes I know credit and debit cards are here to stay but more and more we’re seeing places we shop want less human contact and more “swipe” and keep it moving. I’m conditioning myself to shop less at these places. I love, love, LOVE technology but there are some things you want that hands interaction. Hey, I can’t this trend because it’s their establishment…their house/their rules. But I also have the choice to spend my money elsewhere and that’s what I’m doing more. I’m disciplining myself instead of voicing my disdain of places I feel customer service has slipped tenfold the best thing is to take your business elsewhere.

Thanks again McDonald’s for helping me on this journey.

MLFM Spotlight: Seal (19December2017)

What’s going on Good People. 🙂

It’s been a hot minute since I brought a digital mixtape…my apologies. Life gets in the way and let’s be honest we say to ourselves, “I’ll do it tomorrow”…tomorrow turns into “next week” and before you know it weeks have turned into months. No need to dwell on the past, right? I’m here, you’re here and it’s all about the music.

When the 80s had come to an end I was wondering what music would catch my ear. I had already began listening to artists like Russ Freeman, Shadowfax, Will Ackerman, Acoustic Alchemy, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones and other artists from the Jazz, Fusion music. My love for music genres had began to expland but I still had my ear to the ground in regards to R&B, Pop music and this gentleman hit my ears in 1991. It was unique to me…it wasn’t Pop nor Soul…this sound was all to itself and I loved it.

The tune “Crazy” blew me away but “Violet” was the track that had me hooked on Seal. To hear a track that was played on the radio (yes, that ancient relic) that was longer than 4 minutes ( 8 minutes and 30 seconds for that matter) was refreshing and the way the composition was put togetheer was a delight. To have vocals, music, talking vocals sprinkled into the track was different. The last time I had experience that was Pink Floyd, “The Wall”. Seal’s 1991 debut album was like a album where the music should have been in soundtrack…some tunes were intertwined , gapless, something you weren’t hearing on the radio at the time.

Tracks in the lineup are from the albums I have in my library that whenever I hear them it makes me sit back become in awe with his lyrics, the instruments, the engineering and mixing that went into the them. Shout out to Maria, KB, and the “Sensei” of Podcasting, EJ Flavors for letting me know the tracks that you enjoy. They are in this podcast. I also added a track from the late Chet Atkins, George Michael and Fleetwood Mac. George Michael jumps out at me because when watching his documentary, “Freedom” he performed “Killer” live when he performed in Brazil. Chet Atkins I wanted add because of his guitar finger-style playing that brings a smile to my face which in turn was an influence on Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac. (See how I tied that all together…clever, huh?) 😉

I enjoyed putting his list together and I hope you get a chance to slow down and kick back and listen this music.

Be Blessed, Be Safe, Have a Wonderful day and do not let ANYONE stress you out.

MLFM Spotlight – Seal

To Listen or Download click HERE

The Beginning from “Seal 1991”

Deep Water from “Seal 1991”

Bring It On from “Seal 1994”

Let Me Roll from “Seal IV”

Killer from “Seal 1991”

Prayer for the Dying from “Seal 1994”

Where There’s Gold from “Seal IV”

Crazy from “Seal 1991”

Newborn Friend from “Seal 1994”

Touch from “Seal IV”

Put Your Clothes OnChet Atkins from “Certified Guitar Player C.G.P.”

Hand to MouthGeorge Michael from “Faith”

GypsyFleetwood Mac from “Mirage”

Future Loves Paradise from “Seal 1991”

Don’t Cry from “Seal 1994”

Tinsel Town from “Seal IV”

Dreaming in Metaphors from “Seal 1994”

Violet from “Seal 1991”

id drops provided by EJ Flavors, TGrundy, Doug Fresh, 2Serenity, Todd Kelley, DJ Diva, Macedonia

Artists Websites Below

Seal Website

Chet Atkins Website

George Michael Wikipedia

Lindsey Buckingham

Fleetwood Mac Website

Reach out to me via at these sites.






Dear Democrats…Time to Become the “Suicide Squad” for your Supporters

Eugene Jones hit the nail on the head…Democrats are afraid to tell people they’re Democrats.

This morning while driving home from the store I caught NPR Morning Edition and reporter Rachel Martin spoke with Mr. Jones (owner of his barbershop for 45 years) who is a Democrat and will vote for Doug Jones but not happy with because of two things: he’s afraid to talk to Black votes and afraid to show he’s a Democrat. Mr. Jones said something that rings true…Republicans are not afraid to talk. He even likes Donald Trump (although he didn’t vote for him for obvious reasons) because he talks. Even when they’re dead wrong they still talk. Democrats don’t do this and they continue to take People of Color votes for granted. Mr. Jones said that Doug Jones visited his barbershop but didn’t take a single question and to be honest he was only there for a photo op. Why do Democrats make this mistake time and time again…decade after decade.

Image: Doug Jones

Democrat Doug Jones

Do they think we don’t care about today’s issues? Do they believe People of Color can’t comprehend their message? Let me enlighten you Democrats, we are not looking for “saviors”, we are looking for you to fight for our causes so we can become self sufficient. We, Americans that are proud to Democrats, work hard to provide for ourselves, our families. We’re not against wealth, we’re against the “goal post” moved whenever we feel we are getting ahead. We’re not against people not owning guns but we need laws and rules put in place to hold people accountable for using firearms foolishly.

Stop bringing a knife to a gunfight when it comes to dealing with Republicans. Stop trying to fight “fair” when it comes to dealing with the GOP.

No one is saying fight dirty but when they’re lying call them on their lies not only once but two, three, four, five times. Republicans come to win and will do every and anything to do so. Democrats stop debating like “Gentleman” and start coming to debates, fighting for issues like a brawler. Keep hitting them and hitting them until they can’t get up (again not physically…it’s a shame that I have to keep stating this because Democrats now are so Politically Correct it’s sickening).

Stop walking on eggshells when it comes to issues that matter to People of Color. Stop being timid of your White Democratic counterparts. This is not a Popularity Contest this is about having every person’s back when it comes to healthcare, the economy, the safety of our nation. Stop allowing the GOP paint you as “soft on crime“. Holding law officers that abuse their power is not being “anti-police”. Democrats fought and died for this country just like Republicans.

Mr. (Eugene) Jones mentioned Doug Jones keeps falling back on his prosecutions of the monsters that bombed the 16th Street Church that killed Addie Mae Collins, Cynthia Wesley, Carole Robertson, and Carol Denise McNair…this is very important and “Thank You” but as Eugene Jones said talk about current issues that’s effecting people today. This is one of the reasons Hillary lost and that we continue to lose congressional seat after seat. Stop being afraid to tackle issues and yes you will receive some backlash from People of Color before they will feel it’s just “Lip Service” but Man and Woman up…grow tough skins because this a lot is at stake with our nation. I have a feeling Doug Jones will not be the winner in the Alabama race but make sure you remind people every day that the GOP elected a pedophile to Congress and let everyone know what you wish to do for this nation. Let them know they’re the party that suppose to have Christian Values but only use those values to fit their needs. Make them own that mess.

Democrats start becoming “Warriors” for your supporters. As Harley Quinn says in “Suicide Squad”, “Own that shit.” You’re our voice in Washington. Fight like hell for us and trust me we Democrats with do the same for you.

Own that shit.

If you get a chance please listen to this NPR Morning Edition segment.
Birmingham Barber’s Thoughts On Alabama’s Special Election

I Can Now Laugh Again

2016 and 2017 has been an “Awakening” year in so many ways. I’ve went from anger to sadness to laughter when it comes to politics and Christianity. It has made me drop people I have known for years because I guess I guess I never knew them…funny how life works that way. You never stop learning new things about yourself and the people around you rather online or offline.

Let’s call a “Spade a Spade”

Mika Brzezinski on Morning Joe went on a long but truthful rant about the issue of sexual harassmentI Can Laugh Again and how former politics should own up to their past issues before going after current politics in regards to this matter.

From Anita Hill to Monica Lewinski to Paula Jones to Jennifer Flowers to countless of other women who were persecuted by local and national media, people not in the media…some of the women we may not have cared for but in the end they were taken advantage of by men of power and let’s be honest most of the time the women were blamed more than the men who commited the act. I can remember watching Phil Donahue interviewing then President candidate Bill Clinton about Paula Jones and the boos Mr. Donhue received when he asked question after question about his affairs. I will admit I got a little peeved at Phil with the questions and looking back I was wrong because Clinton was wrong.

Fast forward to today. We can condemn Trump (man I hate saying or typing this person’s name but I have to in regards to this piece) Weinstein, Cosby, (C.K.) Lewis, R. Kelly, and the names that are being named daily but let’s be honest if we this behavior would have been addressed 20 years ago maybe we wouldn’t have this fool in the White House now.

I can now watch the politican shows and not become angry because to be truthful this was a long time coming. Republicans can’t be surprised with Trump in office because close to eight years he has been spreading racism and the Republicans rode on his coat tails in regards his degrading and belittling of former President Obama. Besides Senator John McCain what other sitting Republican rebuke Trump lies? This monster was allowed to roam loose with not one GOP member going on Meet the Press or Face the Nation or any other politcal news show and condemn this fool actions and words and now they’re are ashamed of him. No White evangelical pastor or speaker spoke up against Trump and are now silent in regards to Roy Moore. I don’t hear James Dobson or Ralph Reed speaking against Moore.

That’s funny…and pathetic.

My party, Democrats are appauled of Trump and Moore behavior but years early did not condemn former President Clinton and his behavior toward women when he was in the White House. I know people will say this is “Apples and Oranges” but in the end wrong is wrong. There’s no way this “Man/Baby” should be the Commander in Chief at this time and no way a pedophile should be allowed to sent to Congress but here we are with filling our news story and people are so “shocked” and “disgusted”…why? And what’s the big fuss that Steve Bannon is now a “Mover and Shaker” in politics.

All of these events were 30 years in the making. Karma I don’t believe in…Sowing and Reaping I believe in because when you plant one apple seed the tree doesn’t produce ONE apple…it produces multiple apples. The same when you plant evil or allow certain behaviors to go on and on. The harvest it produces will be multitudes of heartache, despair, and grief for years to come. America ignored the crack epidemic because they felt it was an “Urban” problem and now Opiods has hit the “Heartland” like a ton of bricks. When are people going to realize, in the end we’re all on this same ship…Earth.

Oh well, get ready America, it’s about to become ‘Hella’ worse.

This Made My Night

The past couple of months has not been a laughing matter when it comes to the Oval Office and Congress. The individual that is now our President has been pathetic. But last night I have to admit Stephen Colbert had me laughing until I was crying with silliness. 

His reading of tweets (by Stephen Corbert.  ) by independent journalist Jared Yates Sexton is priceless. I thank Mr. Colbert and Mr. Sexton for this humor. I needed that in wake of these events. Above are the tweets and the link in regards to Stephen reading the tweets are in my profile.