I Can Now Laugh Again

2016 and 2017 has been an “Awakening” year in so many ways. I’ve went from anger to sadness to laughter when it comes to politics and Christianity. It has made me drop people I have known for years because I guess I guess I never knew them…funny how life works that way. You never stop learning new things about yourself and the people around you rather online or offline.

Let’s call a “Spade a Spade”

Mika Brzezinski on Morning Joe went on a long but truthful rant about the issue of sexual harassmentI Can Laugh Again and how former politics should own up to their past issues before going after current politics in regards to this matter.

From Anita Hill to Monica Lewinski to Paula Jones to Jennifer Flowers to countless of other women who were persecuted by local and national media, people not in the media…some of the women we may not have cared for but in the end they were taken advantage of by men of power and let’s be honest most of the time the women were blamed more than the men who commited the act. I can remember watching Phil Donahue interviewing then President candidate Bill Clinton about Paula Jones and the boos Mr. Donhue received when he asked question after question about his affairs. I will admit I got a little peeved at Phil with the questions and looking back I was wrong because Clinton was wrong.

Fast forward to today. We can condemn Trump (man I hate saying or typing this person’s name but I have to in regards to this piece) Weinstein, Cosby, (C.K.) Lewis, R. Kelly, and the names that are being named daily but let’s be honest if we this behavior would have been addressed 20 years ago maybe we wouldn’t have this fool in the White House now.

I can now watch the politican shows and not become angry because to be truthful this was a long time coming. Republicans can’t be surprised with Trump in office because close to eight years he has been spreading racism and the Republicans rode on his coat tails in regards his degrading and belittling of former President Obama. Besides Senator John McCain what other sitting Republican rebuke Trump lies? This monster was allowed to roam loose with not one GOP member going on Meet the Press or Face the Nation or any other politcal news show and condemn this fool actions and words and now they’re are ashamed of him. No White evangelical pastor or speaker spoke up against Trump and are now silent in regards to Roy Moore. I don’t hear James Dobson or Ralph Reed speaking against Moore.

That’s funny…and pathetic.

My party, Democrats are appauled of Trump and Moore behavior but years early did not condemn former President Clinton and his behavior toward women when he was in the White House. I know people will say this is “Apples and Oranges” but in the end wrong is wrong. There’s no way this “Man/Baby” should be the Commander in Chief at this time and no way a pedophile should be allowed to sent to Congress but here we are with filling our news story and people are so “shocked” and “disgusted”…why? And what’s the big fuss that Steve Bannon is now a “Mover and Shaker” in politics.

All of these events were 30 years in the making. Karma I don’t believe in…Sowing and Reaping I believe in because when you plant one apple seed the tree doesn’t produce ONE apple…it produces multiple apples. The same when you plant evil or allow certain behaviors to go on and on. The harvest it produces will be multitudes of heartache, despair, and grief for years to come. America ignored the crack epidemic because they felt it was an “Urban” problem and now Opiods has hit the “Heartland” like a ton of bricks. When are people going to realize, in the end we’re all on this same ship…Earth.

Oh well, get ready America, it’s about to become ‘Hella’ worse.


This Made My Night

The past couple of months has not been a laughing matter when it comes to the Oval Office and Congress. The individual that is now our President has been pathetic. But last night I have to admit Stephen Colbert had me laughing until I was crying with silliness. 

His reading of tweets (by Stephen Corbert.  ) by independent journalist Jared Yates Sexton is priceless. I thank Mr. Colbert and Mr. Sexton for this humor. I needed that in wake of these events. Above are the tweets and the link in regards to Stephen reading the tweets are in my profile. 


The Age of Men/Babies

I don’t understand my Brothers of all shades (especially the men with wealth) when it comes to relationships coming to an end. 
Actually I do, you never grew up…Your parents sheltered you your whole life and never allowed you to fail and learn from the pain.
Yes we’re get burnt…yes we get burnt; but to demean your ex via social media or worse harm them physically? This is the some childish, psychotic Bullshit. Take it from a guy that has been dumped and nope it feels like shit but in the end I did some self reflection and let’s face it, sometimes we go into a relationship expecting more…Sometimes the person was never into you and you end up getting used. He’s the thing Brothers… That’s life. It may not be fair but who ever told us life was “fair”. You learn from your mistakes, lick your wounds and keep it moving. 

In the end if we’re honest with ourselves 80% of the time we knew not to enter into certain relationships, deal with certain individuals. 
Dude what the hell? You come from money. You could have traveled, went to a resort and just chilled. Hell, got with another person, even if it was just sexual. But you chose the immature/punk-ass where out. I wish I had your loot. Most of these “celebrities” are 4 cans shy of a six-pack. 

Chaos and Denial are the Top Drugs in America

From his dumb/mindless tweets to his lack of knowledge of anything pertaining to our government and World Events…why does news organizations keep covering this individual? The quick answer is “We have to cover him because he’s the Leader of the Free World”. Really?
He’s not “News Worthy” and the news media knows it. This man cares nothing about America and the news media knows it. At first the GOP was afraid of Trump and his way of living but now they’ve embraced it because it’s serving their purpose. In the end Trump is making the Republicans, cable news, lobbyists, corporations big money and you know who’s on the losing end? You already know the answer. 
Last August an article was published by Michael Rosenblum, “Donald Trump Will Be Elected” (Huffington Post) and it mapped it out but no one paid attention. One thing I know with today’s human nature, many Americans love unnecessary drama. Actions speak louder than words. We say with out mouths we hate mindless television and yet “reality shows” continue to have the highest ratings. Remember when The Travel Channel, The Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, The History Channel had substance, quality shows? It used to be a time when I could at least enjoy political shows but now those have been “dumbed” down so much because of this individual in office. It’s to a point now where if he goes one day without being an idiot he’s praised and the commentators say he looked “Presidential”. 
Unless you seek out intelligence you can forget it because it’s sure not coming to you.
The days of quality television are long gone and is never coming back. 
Bill Maher hit the nail on the head with his recent “New Rules: Make Summer Great Again” in regards to how we had the Summer to rest our minds from serious topics but those days are no longer among us; and Dave Chappelle said something that hit me like a ton of bricks, sitting down and reading a book. I’m guilty of this, I haven’t done this in a long time. I’ve lost my way to get back to educating my mind and soul. This is on me and I can’t put the blame on anyone else. 

In the end it’s up to us, individuals to stay on point. I’m not burying my head in the sand in regards to Trump but sad to say this has to run its course because until people realize that their is no longer a “Middle Class” and only the “Haves” and “Have Nuts”, until Rural Americans understand that Trump and this GOP doesn’t care about their well being, this will continue. 
I’ve been hard on myself the past couple of months because I haven’t blogged on this subject but it just hit me? There’s nothing more to say on this matter. Some people drug of choice is “Chaos” and “Denial”.

MLFM – March 2017Extra (Still Had Some Music Left in Me)

I had a little more music left in me for the month of March so of course I had to share with the masses. Every so often some contemporary pop tunes from today creep in my soul and I have to scratch that itch. I had to throw in two of my favorite tunes from back in the 70s: Bee Gees and Al Wilson. 70s love tunes in my opinion are some of the best written on so many levels; the arrangement in regards to the strings and horn sections, the lead vocals, the harmony vocals. It sticks with you for a lifetime. I also love 80s love songs from the U.K. From Level 42, Everything but the Girl, Spandau Ballet, Danny Wilson and too many others to name. I’m bias but I grew up in the best time when it comes to heartfelt music that moves you from within.

Of course I will have some instrumental tunes in the playlist to keep the relaxing flow going. Enough of my words, enjoy the music. Have a great day.

id drops provided by EJ Flavors, T. Grundy, Todd Kelley, Anewlis, Doug Fresh

Opening Underscore Music by Todd Kelley

Closing Underscore Music by Nicolay

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MLFM March 2017 extra Playlist

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  1. Hymn For The Weekend – Coldplay
  2. Nights On Broadway – Bee Gees
  3. This Is What You Came For – Calvin Harris feat. Rhianna
  4. Closer – Chainsmokers feat. Halsey
  5. Shadowdance – Shadowfax
  6. Show And Tell – Al Wilson
  7. Ready to Hang – Wayman Tisdale
  8. True – Spandau Ballet
  9. Soulful Stride – Eric Darius
  10. Don’t Break My Heart – Larry Carlton
  11. Breakin’ Away – Al Jarraeu
  12. Nguea Wonja – Keiko Matsui
  13. The Nightfly – Donald Fagen
  14. Feel the Love – Marc Antoine & Paul Brown
  15. We Let the Stars Go – Prefab Sprout
  16. Red Wine and Sunsets – Nils
  17. Rendezvous in Rio – Michael Franks

Tunes found on the following albums:

A Head Full Of Dreams   https://tinyurl.com/m2nfrz4

The Bee Gees – Their Greatest Hits: The Record  https://tinyurl.com/mfn6jrv

This Is What You Came For  https://tinyurl.com/nynu98h

Collage EP  https://tinyurl.com/mhlok25

Shadowdance  http://tinyurl.com/k26ccah

Show and Tell: The Best Of Al Wilson  https://tinyurl.com/kkokeb2

Absolute Greatest Hits https://tinyurl.com/lvaoo5s

Celebrate This Love, The Love Collection Vol. 4  https://tinyurl.com/kleyrdf

On A Mission  https://tinyurl.com/m2n6nle

Deep Into It  https://tinyurl.com/k62yt5g

Breakin’ Away  https://tinyurl.com/mfrwbdn

The Road…  https://tinyurl.com/lrkfuvv

The Nightfly  https://tinyurl.com/mjujns2

Foreign Exchange  https://tinyurl.com/m2xdfde

Life of Surprises: The Best of Prefab Sprout  https://tinyurl.com/mjp6x7x

City Groove  https://tinyurl.com/lez3lyy

Rendezvous in Rio  https://tinyurl.com/mtp6p22

MLFM – March 2017: Music is Music

id drops: EJ Flavors, T. Grundy; 2Serenity, Macedonia, Doug Fresh
Intro underscore music by Todd Kelley

Ending underscore music by Nicolay

I dig how this playlist came together. I know I have said this before but many times the music takes on a life of it’s on. I start down one road with the tunes and they make a sharp right or left and the end product makes me sit back and say “Whoa” that’s alright. This set of music is some of my favorite Soft Rock music I grew up on in the 70s and I have some jazz. I’m getting to the point where I’m trying to get away from “labeling” music because for me either it’s music I love or I don’t and it doesn’t matter what genre of music it is.

Please reach out to me to let me know what you think of this playlist and as always, PLEASE support these artists by purchasing their music or seeing them live or BOTH.

Enjoy the tunes. Big Shoutout to the Sensei, EJ Flavors for sending me new id drops for this podcast.

MyLoveForMusic Playlist for March 2017

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Let Your Love Flow – The Bellamy Brother

Generation Next – Jackiem Joyner

How Deep Is Your Love – Bee Gees

Good Day – Peter White

Time In A Bottle – Jim Croce

Walking Through Walls – Philip Aaberg

Hard Habit to Break – Chicago

Blue Kiss – Ray Obiedo

Pleasure Over Pain – Al Jarreau

Can We Still Be Friends? – Robert Palmer

Countermoon – Donald Fagen

I Remember That – Prefab Sprout

Climbing In Geometry – William Ackerman

Samba Blue – Michael Franks

Your Smile – Brian Culbertson

Because of You – Gerald Albright

Somebossa (Summer Breezin’) – Al Jarreau/Gerald Albright

Compositions from the Following Albums

Soft Rock 70s


The Greatest Hits: The Record (Disc 2)

Good Day

Singers & Songwriters, Vol. 1

Windham Hill Records Sampler ’89

Chicago 17

Sanctuary: 20 Years of Windham Hill (Disc 2)

Heart’s Horizon

20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection – The Best of Robert Palmer


The Best of Prefab Sprout: A Life of Surprises

Windham Hill Records Sampler ’88

Time Together


Slam Dunk

My Old Friend: Celebrating George Duke

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