What’s the Difference?

I’m gonna leave this right here. All I can say is.I’m so thankful I.was blessed with common sense and wisdom when it comes to foolishness. Question: Why is it that it’s okay for trump to speak with North Korea but Republicans felt as if it was “treason” for President.Obama to.speak with the North Korea leader?

I’ll wait. 😳

Video footage: CNN




What’s going on Good People. 🙂 The cool thing about being exposed to different genres of music for me is that I pay more attention the arrangement, the musicians. Vocals catch my ear from time to time but I love discovering how instruments are used and instruments I’ve never known. This is not my regular type of music but I love it.

This playlist is classic rock and a couple of tracks from 2010. From Boston to Fleetwood Mac, this array of music is best to listen to this with headphones or noise reduction or noise canceling earbuds. The richness of the instruments and arrangements are amazing.
I have three tracks from rock tunes from the 2010 soundtrack “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”. I have to get this soundtrack, the blu-ray movie, the Funko Pop figures. I love this movie for many reasons but of course what sticks out to me is the music. Two tracks from Sex Bob-Omb and the electronic tune from Brian LeBarton.

Toto, “Georgy Porgy” is a favorite of mine. You have some of Best of the BEST session musician on the planet. (You are missed Jeff Porcaro). The icing on the cake was the beautiful vocals of Cheryl Lynn. “Africa” is a tune where again the vocals (getting help from Eagles bassist and vocalist Timothy B. Schmidt) and the arrangement sticks out to me. David Paich and Bobby Kimbell has that perfect blend of subtle and directness and the bassline work by David Hungate.

Foreigner’s “Cold As Ice” I remember watching this music video on SNL in the 70s . The vocal harmony is too cool. The tune “Urgent” was one of the 80s tune where it still kept that ol Foreigner spark from their earlier work. The saxophone work by the late Junior Walker kicked it into overdrive.

Another group that blew my mind growing up in the 70s was ELO. A group that combined rock and strings was so awesome. Jeff Lynn to me was a genius and playing this 45 on the stereo over and over drove my mother crazy.

Areosmith’s “Rocks” to me is the best album they ever recorded. This album introduced me to the six-string bass and on the track “Sick As a Dog” Steven Tyler played bass on part of the song. This entire album was raw from beginning to end.

The Police for me was one of those rare groups that when they split they went out on a high note. Their last album “Synchronicity” was top notch. Three great musicians: Sting, Stewart Copeland, Andy Summers were the perfect storm. The key person that always stood out to me was Stewart Copeland…his drum style is amazing; especially when it comes to the high-hat. “Message in a Bottle” shows off his gift.

Fleetwood Mac for me is a group the best of all worlds: great vocalists (Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie), stellar bassist (John McVie) and drummer (Mick Fleetwood), and Lyndsey Buckingham…when it comes to the guitar and his harmony vocals leaves this brother speechless. His unique fingerpicking style gave that “pop” to their compositions. “Gypsy” is that track for me is all I can say is “damn, the dude is bad.” On “Dreams” you can hear the vocal talents of Stevie, Christine, and Lindsey.

Boston was a combination of great talent of one man (Tom Scholz) but also when Sib Hashian, Barry Goudreau, Fran Sheehan and of course Brad Delp was a force to be reckond with and their debut “Boston” album is one of the Greatest of all time. “More Than a Feeling” was all Tom, Brad, and Sib but “Foreplay/Long Time” has some great guitar work by Barry and organ, synthizer work by Tom.

MyLoveForMusic002 [Classic Rock]
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We Are Sex Bob-Omb – Sex Bob-Omb

Summertime – Sex Bob-Omb
More Than a Feeling – Boston
Sick As a Dog – Aerosmith
Georgy Porgy – Toto (feat. Cheryl Lynn)
Threshold (8bit) – Brian LeBarton
Cold As Ice – Foreigner
Turn to Stone – ELO (Electric Light Orchestra)
Get the Lead Out – Areosmith
King of Pain – The Police
Gypsy – Fleetwood Mac
Urgent – Foreigner
Africa – Toto
Message in the Bottle – The Police
Mr. Blue Sky – ELO
Dreams – Fleetwood Mac
Foreplay/Long Time – Boston

id drops: Mr. Fresh, tgrundy, 2Serenity, Brian Meeks,

underscore music under me voice: Todd Kelley & Nicolay






Photo by Tatimilano (Instagram)

I’ve been procrastinating but it’s finally here, the next MLFM playlist. I’making some small changes to my podcast.

First I’m starting from the beginning. I will begin listening them by number and not monthly because this way I can create as many or few as I wish. This music was supposed to be for the month of March and I found myself trying to play catch up. By me changing the format to numeral so this way if I want to create an extra I can and if someone enjoys a particular playlist and wish to request a download of that playlist I can happily obliged.

Another thing, I’m switching to streaming via my website [ https://mixcloud.com/darrenkeith3 ]. Downloads will be available but only by request. I think most people in this day and time are streaming more and more. This is not to say it will continue to be this way but I have to do what’s best for me at time.

I will begin putting more details in my shownotes and speaking less on the podcasts. I feel I express myself better through written words than spoken words. To be honest I believe I need an dialect coach in regards to speaking voice. I feel my voice doesn’t hold much weight. I will still use ID drops and if others are interested in recording an ID drop for my podcasts please feel free. This will also give me a feel who’s listening to my shows.

This playlist is a mixture of a couple of tunes from the duo Special EFX (Chieli Minucci – Guitarist and the late George Jinda – Percussionist). This was the first album I bought when I heard the track “The Flow”. I had to throw in a track from Steely Dan and a track from Donald Fagen from his second solo work, “Kamakiriad”. Other tracks include music from Keiko Matsui, The Braxton Brothers, Paul Taylor, David Torn, Andy McKee, Don Ross and others.

Enjoy the tunes and remember to spread the word in regards to music for the Heart, Mind, and Soul.

Be Blessed.

MyLoveForMusic001 Playlist

For streaming >> mixcloud.com/darrenkeith3
Uptown East – Special EFX
Law and Order – Mike Post
Black Cow – Steely Dan
Rylynn – Andy McKee
On the Move – Paul Taylor
Nguea Wonja – Keiko Matsui
Never Say Die – Michael Franks
Dracula II Mikrokosmos – Don Ross
Surrender – Jesse Cook
Lion of Boaz – David Torn
The Flow – Special EFX
Equilibre – David Cullen & Michael Manring
Across the Sand – Earl Klugh
Can We Try Again – Braxton Brothers
Midnight in Manhattan – Peter White
Indian Woman – Rubaja and Hernandez
Tomorrow’s Girl – Donald Fagen

i.d. drops – Eve, TGrundy, Mr. Fresh, Seed of Life, Macedonia
photo by @tatimilano (Instagram)

Intro Music – Todd Kelley
Outro Music – Nicolay

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I Will Not Be Silent No Longer


She has to be a troll or Russian Bot, right? I can’t even get angry at this foolishness. We’ve always known many White Americans have felt about Slavery. Their thoughts, “Why do keep harping on this blimp in History? You Blacks are always trying to blame White people for your problems. Get over over it. I didn’t own slaves.” trump has truly given many White Americans a voice to speak out about their hatred of Blacks when it comes their part of oppression. I’m at a point in my life now it’s laughable when I see this crap. I will ALWAYS call out racism and hatred.

Growing up in the 70s I thought when the year 2000 arrived our country would be better off and it’s worse. I’m sick of White Liberals trying to tell Blacks how we should protest and who and who not to call out when it comes to the oppression of Blacks. I’m tired of White Conservatives whining about how they’re being oppressed and their rights are being crushed. I’m sick of White Americans who consider themselves Christians but has kept quiet about police beatings and murders, racisms and yet are so vocal when it comes to crimes against Christians, Abortions, Homosexuality.

I’m a Follower of Christ and will always tell other I gave my life to him but I do recall that Jesus Christ in regards he treated certain individuals he encountered on how he didn’t condemn nor condone matters because before He walked the Earth God granted freedom of choice of our actions when the law was laid down for Adam and Eve. I’ve seen the cruelty of some White Liberals and White Conservatives towards my people and by me speaking up and speaking offends you my advice to you right now is unfriend me on my social media sites because I’m going to keep calling out this bullshit until my Heavenly Father calls me home.

Thanks to some online friends and thanks to Daana Townsend I’m learning more about James Baldwin, his friendship with Martin Luther King Jr. I have to admit with the rise of racism out in the open I’ve falling in love with reading again, blogging more, had an eye opening about Dr. Martin Luther King and his fight on Poverty and how he was abandoned by White Liberals when speaking on this subject and disadvantage when it came to the treatment of Blacks in America, my love for Ta-Nehisi Coates words, Malcom X teachings and of course my love for The Bible.

With that said I’m going to keep speaking my mind on my sites so whoever is uncomfortable with me speaking my mind…TOUGH SHIT. (Yep I cursed, I blame Florida…just kidding, I LOOOVE this state, LOVE).

I’m going to call out Christians because they’ve been silent too long about racism and for White Liberals who want Blacks to be vocals on their terms and their causes the hell with you because you’ve haven’t suffered the way Blacks have suffered and continue to suffer.

You want to know what will stop racism? It’s so simple…treat others the way YOU wish to be treated. That simple. No need for a University study or years and years of projects put into place. My philosophy has always been when White Americans try to belittle and degrade you this is how they wish to be treated. We as Blacks are not looking for “Saviors”. We have and always will be a strong people.

Ta-Nehisi Coates on words that don’t belong to everyone | We Were Eight Years In Power Book Tour

MLK Talks ‘New Phase’ Of Civil Rights Struggle, 11 Months Before His Assassination | NBC News [Full Interview]

All You Can Do Is Laugh and Shake Your Head

I was in class in the 4th grade when the news came to me that my father was killed in a bus crash so does the pain make it less because I wasn’t on the bus with my father at the time of the crash?

Gotta love the how people try and make something out of nothing.

Fox News may try and make a big deal of this so-called story but again I say the hell with Fox News and the hell with the media in general. As Don Henley says, “Kick em while they’re up/Kick em while they’re down/Kick em when they sit/Kick em all around”.


From the “I’m Not Surprised” Files

Before reading the article from the Washington Post it’s sad how grown adults are acting out towards people (especially the youth who are being impacted by gun violence. If you haven’t listened to last week NPR’s StoryCorps from 3/22/18 it’s a must) who want laws put in place to have safe measures put in place for gun safety. Notice I didn’t say I’m “shocked” or “surprised” because in the end it’s all about profit for the NRA.

Even before reading the article I knew I was going to become angry…after reading the article I’m livid. Are White Conservatives (especially White men) that brainwashed by the NRA? These requests are not infringing on their right to own guns. And the NRA has the audacity marked themselves as a non-profit organization. That has to change. This is a BUSINESS plain and simple. This is not like the Boy or Girl Scouts or AARP. The NRA has grown into the conglomerate corporation. “Observers and lawmakers see the NRA as one of the top three most influential lobbying groups
in Washington, D.C.” [Wikipedia: https://pgj.cc/no6GFw%5D

If you have the chance please read Wikipedia info on the NRA and pay close attention what the business beginnings were to how the NRA is marketing their message to America today. Now this behemoth of an organization is more about profits than safety.

Hurry up November so we can vote many of these GOP members out of office.

Note to GOP: This Issue Is Not Going Away

Someone please explain to me what’s going on with the hatred towards the youth when it comes to gun control? From BLM to the youth of Stoneman Douglas High School,  White Conservatives are losing their minds and I think I know why…the young is smart, brash, social media savvy, and not having the nonsense. They’re calling out politicians that are afraid of the NRA, politicians that care more for lobbyist than Americans, From Sandra Bland, Trayvon Martin, to Sandy Hook to the senseless killing in the streets of Chicago where the Hipsters have dropped the ball the youth from high schools to grade schools are letting the world know, “We are about to show you grownups how it should be done.”

clockwise: Kwame Rose, Makayla Gilliam-Price, Dayvon Love, Adam Jackson

Having my cynicism grow sense the hatred toward Obama and now this individual in the White House and this current GOP congress allowing this current administration to carry out such shameful behavior because this is a distraction for their agenda to be carry out the youth of today are calling the “Adults” out on their foolishness. There are still major tensions between the races, some feel the children from Florida are being treated with more respect than the youth who are evolved with the Black Lives Matter movement (being a Black man I feel their frustration, I can’t lie, those feelings creep up in my soul) and Native Americans who voices have been snubbed out for centuries but many White youths are reaching out to People of Color and trying to bridge that gap and that scares the hell out of White Conservatives. This is why GROWN people are attacking the youth as if they are the Enemy of the State.

I’m constantly hearing politician pundits and politicians trying to down play this movement with comments like “they’re not old enough to vote” and “will they be able to keep this excitement for this cause until November 2018” but what these “grown folks” fail to realize many will be old enough to vote this year and next year they will special elections and those teenagers will be able to vote and before you know it 2020 will be here. What we as adults fail to realize is the world doesn’t around us…we (adults) are sometimes set in our ways and it takes youth to make us realize times are changes. From Killer Mike NRATV interview (who later posted a couple of Twitter videos apologizing for his comments) to Jesse Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal calling the survivors “vile abusers” to Rick Santorum stupid/pointless comments. And the media will not make it worse by repeating and replaying these hateful comments over and over.

Edna Chavez, David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez

These attacks should shock and make me ill to my stomach but it doesn’t. This is where the teenagers should reach out to the Black Youth who are apart of the Black Lives Matter movement, young Hispanics who are advocates, Native-Americans who voice that has been ignored for a long time. If anyone knows how what it’s like to be vilified are People of Color because we are constantly rebuked, insulted in every way, shape of form. We will never accept this hateful act but we have thick skin when it comes to this stupidity.

To the next generation my message to you is keep doing what you’re doing. The current GOP will first make comments about it’s okay for you to exercise your “1st Admendments Rights”. They will try a put pressure on your parents, mock your cause, try and belittle and beat your self-esteem down so low where you want to give up. Reach out to one another via Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram (oh, there’s a new social platform, Vero). Of course there are adults that will have your back but there will be some that will be cowards. You will be hurt along this journey and you may lose friends along the way but in your heart you know you’re doing the right thing. Always stay humble and listen to elders that are down for you because they have wisdom when it comes to dealing with this craziness.

You have a long, rough road ahead but as you already see keeping silent only leads to having your future set for you and it’s not in your best interest.

Naomi Wadler