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I’m surprised Best Buy stores are still open to be honest. The store will stop selling CDs in their stores soon, the customer service is as worse as Walmart, walking in their stores feel so cold and heartless.



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MLFM February 2018 – MyLoveForWindhamHill

What’s going on Good People,

I know it’s been a loooong time since I have brought a MLFM podcast that was “chill” so what better way to get back to the basics than to not only bring you relaxing music but to bring you a label that is near and dear to my heart…Windham Hill. I’ve created a playlist and shared it with the masses in my early MLFM podcast days and I said I would bring more but I broke my promise and that I am sorry. But who says you can’t make up for your shortcomings. Since being a part of a wonderful Facebook Group I have no choice but to share music from this genre from my music library. To the creator of the group, John Dark…thank you for this gift that not only makes me discover the tunes I love but discovering tunes I’ve never heard or didn’t take time to listen to them because I had my favorite Windham Hill tunes on repeat. Some on this playlist I have heard many times but this times I made myself move out of my comfort zone to check out some composition for the first time. I’m sure my Windham Hill peeps have heard these tunes but for me it’s like discovering this label for the first time. I have to admit my catalog is not that deep but that’s not going to stop me from sharing them with everyone because when Will Ackerman (founder of Windham Hill back in 1976 through 1996 when he sold the label) I believe his main focus was creating and producing music to feel a void in the music world and in my opinion he did just that. This music you can play with a close knit of friends, share with that special someone in your life or if you want to sit back and reflect, it covers it all.

This podcast playlist goes out to all the members of the ‘Windham Hill Lovers’, to the musicians who created some of the best musician that will always be played around the way and around the way (I had steal that line from you Macedonia). I’m blessed to be FB friends with Liz Story, the late Michael Hedges, GE Stinson, Fred Simon, Phil Maggini, Michael Manring, Alex de Grassi and of course, Will Ackerman…some of the core musicians that shaped the music world with their innovation and playing style.

I know many of you are doing your own thing but I just want to say “Thank You” for sharing your music, your gift with the world. It shaped my music world and took me down a music path that has been fulfilling ever since.

Enjoy the tunes.

MLFM Feb 2018 – MyLoveForWindhamHill Playlist

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Patu – Aquarela Carioca

Firewater – Gaia

No City Lights – James Gordon

Almost April – Michael Manring

Another Shore – Liz Story

Tsunami – Shadowfax

Because It’s There – Michael Hedges

I Live In a New Place – Todd Phillips

On the Way – David Cullen

On a Day of Many Angels – Michael Manring

Night Crossing – John Doan

Heavy Feet – Alex de Grassi

Sun & Water – Danny Heines

Road to Hanna – Shadowfax

Badlands – Fred Simon

Photo image by Corvida Raven [IG: @corvida |]

Music from the Following Albums…

Windham Hill Sampler ’94


Windham Hill Guitar Sampler

Unusual Weather

Escape of the Circus Ponies

Too Far to Whisper

Live on the Double Planet



Southern Exposure

Usually Always

id drops from: Doug Fresh, Macedonia, TGrundy, Brian Meeks, 2Senerity

Intro underscore music by Todd Kelley

Outro underscore music by Nicolay


MLFM January 2018 Spotlight: David Bowie & Talking Heads

***My apologies for a couple of choppy audio with my voice overs. This will not happen again. 😦 ***

Happy New Year Good People,

I tried to record this early January 2018 but to be honest I was having a hard time getting a flow for this playlist. One of my Brothers in Podcasting, Todd Kelley, taught me over a decade ago you have to make sure you have a strong opening and closer when it comes to music podcasting so I went through several tunes to be the opening because for me when it comes to David Bowie this gentleman has many great tunes and to intertwine the Talking Heads was harder than I participated. I was going to scrap the podcast but what always helps me is when my body is in motion so I will go for a walk and the idea will flow. So what better song to start off the show is “Under Pressure”.

If you haven’t checked out “David Bowie: The Last Five Years” on HBO  I recommend it. Although he was sick he wanted to make sure he finished his music projects before he succumbed to cancer. I have to admit I don’t have music from his last two albums but I will make it my mission to buy his “The Next Day” and “Blackstar” albums and have them in future shows.

The music of the Talking Heads for me has always been quirky and yet ahead of its time. Their music and videos were creative and takes me down memory lane coming up in the 80s. Their music went down different roads and it was alright by me because my taste has always been eclectic. For me it was to groups in the 80s that quit at the height of popularity…The Police and Talking Heads.

I have a couple of tracks from two of my former Windham Hill artists, Michael Manring and Torcuato Mariano.

I hope you enjoy the tunes.

Have a Blessed/Safe/Productive day everyone.
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MLFM January 2018 Playlist

Under Pressure – Queen and David Bowie

Stay Up Late – Talking Heads

Ashes to Ashes – David Bowie

Love for Sale – Talking Heads

Wide Asleep – Michael Manring

Fashion – David Bowie

Girlfriend is Better – Talking Heads

Space Oddity – David Bowie

Burning Down the House – Talking Heads

Young Americans – David Bowie

Once in a Lifetime – Talking Heads

Golden Years – David Bowie

A Very Special Place – Torcuato Mariano

Take Me to the River – Talking Heads

Modern Love – David Bowie

Road to Nowhere – Talking Heads

Changes – David Bowie

Gangster of Love – Talking Heads

Wild Wild Life – Talking Heads

Fame – David Bowie

Blue Jean – David Bowie

China Girl – David Bowie

Music from the following Albums

Bowie The Singles: 1969 – 1993 (Double Album)

Talking Heads: Popular Favorites – Vaseline in the Sand (Double Album)

Sanctuary- 20 Years of Windham Hill (Double Album)

David Bowie interview with Mark Goodman (Youtube) taking him to task in regards showing more black artists on MTV 1983

Sites to check out:

Radio BSOTS show #168 BUCKWILD: No Place for the Quiet

Todd Kelley

Cupid’s Hunt 2018

id drops: tgrundy, macedonia, ej flavors, doug fresh, 2Serenity

background music (intro) Todd Kelley

backgound music (ending) Nicolay


Thank you 2016 – 2017 for Your Chaos

As of today I’m going to try my best not to post political views on my blog or on Facebook. It’s not gonna be easy and I’m not “burying my head in the sand” when it comes to important issues and topics. In the end it takes a toll on one’s psyche. 2016 – 2017 has been an heck of a ride from Trump and Congress to the killing of unarmed Black men and women to sexual harassment to Trump and Congress (yep, I made a full circle back to him) and I’m getting off this crazy train. It’s to a point where I hate turning on the tele because it’s so depressing. I know it’s been said but these past two years has been something way you just have to step back and say, “did THAT just happen!?!”

In the end “WE the People” have the power to make the change when it comes laws being written, how retailers, restaurants, corporations, treat us as consumers, the music we listen to and television and movies we watch. We complain but we don’t want to make that sacrifice. I’m going to try my best to make that change for myself, especially when it comes to social media. Two articles hit me like a ton of bricks, “Unplug: Baratunde Thurston Left The Internet For 25 Days, And You Should, Too” [ ]from 2013 and “Why I’m Taking a Social Media Sabbatical” [ ]. I’m learning to leave the gated community (Facebook and Instagram) and get back to my own content with blogging and photography with Flickr. Remember when you realized you didn’t need AOL to connect to the internet? How wonderful of a feeling that was? I’m feeling that euphoric again. Have you noticed the new tools Facebook is releasing to keep us there in their gated community?

I’m thankful for these tools but I have to begin treating them in this manner…tools, tools to help my cause and not Mark Zuckerberg’s cause.

I remember when The History Channel, The Learning Channel, The Discovery Channel, The Travel Channel , A&E had quality shows? Not only did they entertain but educated you. I can name countless shows that’s in the air now but good would that do? I’m not saying that always have to be educated 24/7 but you have to admit reality shows are not “Reality”. Trust me, television executives wouldn’t bring these shows to the air if it wasn’t a demand for them. The same with music.

How can the knowledge HipHop genre come to an end commercially and the HipHop music (commercially) of today grow to a billion dollar industry if it wasn’t being purchased by the masses. I’m blessed to know so many people that keep me abreast when it comes to great music out here and I thank Jesus Christ for them every day.

We all need from time to time to watch mindless entertainment, heck I watched two seasons of “Flava of Love” years ago. I know it’s a matter of choice.

I’m making a choice for myself. I’ve come to the conclusion to feel the same way I’ve come to feel about today’s R&B and Pop music… it’s not written for me. No need to complain and down the music or the performers. I feel about their music the same way my mom felt about Prince, Duran Duran, Culture Club (yep I dug their music and you did too… don’t front).

Here in Florida we have a powerful PBS channel, CreateTV, there’s public radio, podcasts, DVDs I can purchase from Amazon or my local thrift stores, garage and estate sales (you can find some gems ) and yes our local library and let’s not forget the beaches and cruises…yes the cruises.

This post is mostly for me than you because I need to remind myself of the blessings I have every day. A beautiful, smart wife, a beautiful state where I can drive to beaches and hear the ocean and photograph these images to share with the world.

Thank you 2016/2017 you’ve made me value my time again.

Less Human Interaction Your Way

Went to McDonald’s to buy breakfast for my Queen and I always go inside because

1. It’s less crowded.

2. It’s a less chance your order is screwed up and you can make sure your order is nice and hot (although we already know the majority of the food is microwaved).

I’ve seen the Kiosk machines…I don’t plan on every using them…or so I thought.

I walk up to the cashier and there’s a signed taped on the cash register, “CASH ONLY“. At first I’m thinking their credit/debit card is down but then it hit me and for me it’s even worse. They’re “training” (conditioning) customers to order from the Kiosk machines than ordering from the registers. Sure McDonald’s will spin it as if they’re giving customer power to “Do It Their Way” or this process speeds up ordering. To me I’m thankful I seen this because it’s another reason for me not to eat at McDonald’s. (I’ve been doing good too. I haven’t been to a McDonald’s for close to 3 weeks…yay).

I politely declined and went to Publix to buy some OJ for me and my Queen and in the process requested cash money back with my transaction. Went back and purchased our breakfast with cash.

Yes I know credit and debit cards are here to stay but more and more we’re seeing places we shop want less human contact and more “swipe” and keep it moving. I’m conditioning myself to shop less at these places. I love, love, LOVE technology but there are some things you want that hands interaction. Hey, I can’t this trend because it’s their establishment…their house/their rules. But I also have the choice to spend my money elsewhere and that’s what I’m doing more. I’m disciplining myself instead of voicing my disdain of places I feel customer service has slipped tenfold the best thing is to take your business elsewhere.

Thanks again McDonald’s for helping me on this journey.